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As a teacher (and consultant) of marketing and business, one thing I like to do is see what folks are doing in the way of marketing and running their businesses outside of my own field of marketing and business development for coaches and professional service...

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Is your TV off?

Up until now, Bill and I — who are the consummate political junkies — really enjoyed our evenings watching the evening news and hearing the pundits talk, but since the election I've not wanted to engage with any of it. Mostly because the things that appear to be...

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Self-Kindness Bumper Sticker Share these bumper stickers with everyone you love and care about. Bring a little brightness to their world. Package of 10: $7.87 includes...

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How and When to End a Business Relationship

As you start applying the law of attraction to your business, you'll get amazing clarity around your various business relationships. And you may discover that it's time to end relationships are that not a good match for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something...

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It’s not just about the positivity

You know, as a law of attraction practitioner and trainer, I encounter a lot of other LOA teachers who spend a lot of time telling folks that their lives will improve immensely if they just “think positively.” Well, for sure, thinking positively is right up there with...

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How to Overcome the Fear of Making Mistakes

We all suffer from procrastination at one time or another and for a lot of different reasons. For some folks procrastination is so bad that it becomes debilitating, with the inability to get virtually anything done. Or at least anything of importance done. Here’s a...

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