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Tapping Routines

Tapping Points Chart

Module 1 – Tapping for Not Enough Time
Module 2 – Tapping for I’m Too Old
Module 3 – Tapping for Past Failure
Module 4 – Tapping for Negative Future
Module 5 – My Resources are Limited
Module 6 – Lack of Progress
Module 7 – Comparison Game
Module 8 – I’m Not Responsible
Module 9 – I Don’t Deserve Success
Module 10 – What Others Think
Module 11 – Loving Myself
Module 12 – Do It All Myself
Module 13 – I’m Not Smart Enough
Module 14 – I’m Not Ready


Recommended Law of Attraction Books

Law of Attraction for Everyday Living by Marty Marsh

The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

Limiting Belief #15

Summary & Reflection

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