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“Get Clients Now!™ enables you to break out of ‘analysis paralysis’ and make the right choices about spending time and money on marketing.”


Learn how you can create an
endless stream of paying clients

If you can follow a recipe, you can attract
more clients than you can handle!

GET CLIENTS NOW! is a complete sales and marketing system used by thousands of business owners, consultants and other professionals worldwide since 1995. It’s a training program and coaching program combined.

Using the system outlined in the course textbook, we provide basic marketing education, training on how to build an effective marketing plan, and coaching through the process of implementation.

In other words, we provide enough information AND support to get you going on the right track… and keep you there!


“The Get Clients Now! Program is like having a marketing cookbook in your back pocket. You don’t have to know how to market to build a powerful marketing plan. We give you a success ingredient shopping list, an action plan menu, and tested ‘recipes’ so you can create everything you need.”

GET CLIENTS NOW! teaches over 100 tactics and tools for marketing professional services with step-by-step recipes for their use. This systematic, structured program shows you how to design a focused, cohesive marketing action plan that produces results. It can be used by both the brand new professional and the experienced professional.

A colleague and I decided we’d get the Get Clients Now! book and support each other in doing the program. But that plan quickly fell apart for each of us when business and life got in the way. So I decided to join Marty’s Get Clients Now! class and coaching program and I’m so glad I did!

I had been neglecting the marketing side of my business for the last year and knew I needed to do something. And I’m so glad I have Marty to guide me through the program. He (gently) holds my feet to the fire so I am getting things done! I made more progress after the first session with Marty than I had in the last year. As I’m working the program with Marty’s guidance, I am already getting more done in the way of marketing, and I am on track to reach my program goal. Yay!

Terry Green

BizEase Support Solutions

GET CLIENTS NOW! helps Coaches, Consultants, and Independent Professionals to…

  • Find more clients with less effort
  • Create a personalized marketing plan so you’ll always know exactly what to do next to consistently market your business
  • Have a regular check-in with a Coach to help you overcome obstacles as you implement your plan
  • Have a supporting team of your peers to see what you can’t see and to cheer you on!

The program is flexible and reusable and will become a reliable marketing resource for years and years to come.

“Get Clients Now! isn’t ‘me too’ marketing; it’s ‘just for me’ marketing. Every participant’s marketing plan is designed specifically for their own unique situation, goals, and personal preferences.”

The textbook includes over 200 pages of tools and tactics for sales and marketing. (You must have the Third Edition of the book when taking the course.) The book alone has sold over 70,000 copies, proving its worth as a valuable marketing aid.


Register for the program by APRIL 14th, 2017 and get a copy of the text book shipped right to your door.
(The Textbook is required for the program, why not get it for FREE? A $19.95 Value.)

Weekly Working Together Hour
Every Tuesday during the program, we’ll get together informally on Zoom and work on our GCN! activities together. A great way to bond with Marty and your fellow participants and the best way to make sure you get your activities done! (You are never left alone to work this program by yourself. Support is our middle name!)

“If you’ve been looking for your perfect-fit clients for too long and you’re feeling lost or stuck, the Get Clients Now! system will help you pinpoint where your marketing is blocked and determine exactly what to do about it.”

Using the GET CLIENTS NOW! book as a text, along with Marty’s teaching and coaching, you’ll learn a simple but highly effective cookbook approach, straightforward tips, and specific techniques like these:

  • What really works to market a service business, and what doesn’t
  • How to diagnose what’s wrong with your marketing using the Universal Marketing Cycle
  • How to design a marketing program that is suited not only to your business, but your personality, strengths and favorite activities
  • How to break out of “analysis paralysis” and determine exactly what you need to do first — and every step of the way
  • How to overcome the fear, resistance, and procrastination that block effective action How to create a customized, affordable, reusable, and realistic marketing plan
  • Ongoing support and encouragement to stick to your plan throughout the program

Zoominar and Coaching Program

You will learn how to create an endless stream of prospects and clients by doing a set of simple marketing actions — of your choosing — consistently.

During the first two Zoominars — what we playfully call the first two online seminars — you will receive all the tools and training you need to design your individual 28-day marketing action plan. With personalized, hands-on help from Marty you’ll know exactly what to do.

“Fear, resistance and procrastination are the business owner’s ‘Bermuda Triangle.’
Once in, they feel as if they are trapped. Get Clients Now! helps you navigate, break through, and succeed by
learning what to do, when to do it, and how to measure your results.”

The real power of the GET CLIENTS NOW! program is in the follow-up group coaching sessions, focused on each participant implementing his/her action plan and being coached through any obstacles to success.

  • You’ll implement your personalized marketing action plan you designed in the first two sessions. In each session, you will report the results you achieved.
  • Marty will coach you on accountability to your plan, help you solve logistical problems, provide assistance with overcoming fear, resistance, and procrastination, and acknowledge your efforts and progress.

All courses are delivered by Marty Marsh, your Soul Proprietor and LOA Business and Marketing coach with extensive experience training small business owners and service professionals in sales and marketing, and a licensed Get Clients Now! coach since 2002.

The program is delivered via Zoom — an exciting new video conferencing service — or you can simply call in on your phone. Meeting on Zoom allows both you as a participant, and Marty, to interact together in real time affording a much more personal experience.

In addition to the live Zoom seminars and coaching sessions, the program includes:

  • Helpful program and planning Handouts
  • Weekly email support between class sessions
  • Private Facebook Group for current and past participants for sharing and support
  • Marty’s review of your unique marketing action plan with feedback
  • Individual personalized coaching with Marty to enhance your individualized program
  • Additional tools, as needed, to facilitate your success

All class sessions are recorded so if you miss a session, or wish to review, you may listen and review at your convenience.


  • Responsible for any long distance charges to call on the phone
  • Must have your own copy of the 3rd Edition of the GET CLIENTS NOW! Book (Marty suggests getting the paperback version as it is easier to manage as a reference than the Kindle version)
  • Should have regular access to email
  • Attendance at the majority of class sessions (but just in case, they’re all recorded)
  • Submit marketing action plan to Marty for review before beginning of the 28-day coaching period
  • 3-5 hours per week for study and implementation of your marketing action plan (4-7 hours is ideal, depending on your action plan and other commitments)

GET CLIENTS NOW! Seminar & Coaching Program: $395
Note: Early Bird Pricing shown below. Save up to $100. And if the price of tuition is a hardship, Marty has payment plans available. All you have to do is ask. No judgment. Marty wants everyone in this program that can benefit from it and doesn’t want the investment to be a barrier. Contact Marty here.

The GET CLIENTS NOW! program is a marketing system that works over and over again. As you become more comfortable with marketing, you’ll set new kinds of goals and play with different strategies and tactics to increase your success. You can create a new plan every month for the life of your business.


Wed., April 26th, 2017
— 1st Seminar Session — 2 hours — Dive into the Get Clients Now! Program
Fri., April 28th 2017 — 2nd Seminar Session — 2 hours — Live working session to create your personal 28-day plan
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

Mon., May 1st, 2017 — 1 hour — Kick-Off Session to get started in a big way
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

Fridays: May 5th, May 12th and May 19th — 1 hour each
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

Fri. May 26th, 2017 — Up to 1.5 hours — You Did It! Celebration
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

Fri. June 23rd, 2017 — 1 hr — Keeping you on track for the rest of your business life!
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

Every Tuesday during the program — 1 hr — you’re invited to attend an informal, live Working Together Hour every Tuesday from 9 – 10 AM Pacific Time during the program. This hour is a dedicated time each week for you to work on your Get Clients Now! activities and connect more personally with Marty and your fellow participants.
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PACIFIC Time (12:00 Noon Eastern; 11:00 am Central; 10:00 am Mountain)

To confirm the correct times in your area, visit The Time Now






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Program and group coaching sessions:
2 hours of learning together (how GET CLIENTS NOW! delivers results)
+ 2 hours of creating together (you develop a program tailor made for you)
+ 4 weeks of doing together (you & your peers taking action!)
= A Happy You & A Thriving Business
Helpful program and planning Handouts, Worksheets, Tools & Resources
Weekly email support between class sessions
Private Facebook Group for current and past participants for sharing and support
Marty’s review of your unique marketing action plan with feedback
Individual personalized coaching with Marty each week to enhance your individualized program
Bonus Work Together Hour each week during the program

Bonus 30-Day Follow-Up Coaching and Check-In Call

Only USD $395

Or Click Here to Pay in 3 Monthly Installments of $175 eac



MARTY SEZ: “You know how you get all fired up about new ideas when you take a workshop, but then your enthusiasm seems to fade away by Monday morning when it’s time to put those ideas into action?

Well, that’s what’s different about Get Clients Now!

Our program doesn’t just hand you a list of ideas and then send you out to muddle through on your own. We support you step by step in actually implementing all the new ideas you’ll learn — INCLUDING for a full 30 (or more) days after the program ENDS.

My greatest desire is for you to succeed in your business. And I know of no other marketing program that can help you succeed in the way that Get Clients Now! can. The real beauty lies in that you can learn this system once, and use it again and again for not just marketing planning but for any kind of planning! Talk to me if you have any questions or any doubts.”

Still Have Questions? Talk to Marty Personally.

Either the program is right for you or not. No pressure, no high-selling.

Schedule Time to Discuss with Marty Here

Please take special note: 1. The GET CLIENTS NOW! book, 3rd edition, is the required textbook for this program. If you do not already own a copy, you may add it to your order at checkout. Super Early-Bird Pricing includes a paperback copy of the text mailed to your door. Because you will be referring to the text during the sessions and on a daily basis, the Kindle version is NOT recommended. 2. Zoom video conferencing is accessed via the Internet, so make sure you’re positioned in a place where your Internet connection is stable. While you do not have to show yourself on video, it does make the interaction with Marty and your fellow participants so much better. 3. If you wish to participate by phone, the line may be a long-distance call for you. You will be responsible for any toll charges to call the conference number. 4. While the weekly Work Together Hour is strictly optional, participating there will help you make the best progress in the program.