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Are you motivated every singe day?

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Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for
acting or behaving in a particular way.

Every action you take is driven by your motivation.

Getting out of bed in the morning.

Taking that morning walk.

Doing those business activities that you don’t really enjoy.

Serving clients and customers.

Motivation is the key that starts the engine that gets things done. We do (and don’t) do things because of it.

But what if you have “none”?

What if you have no motivation whatsoever?

I’m not even sure that’s possible — but we do all have moments where we simply feel unmotivated to do anything.

There are likely plenty of things that motivate you even if it’s totally unconsciously driven.

If you have a young baby at home, a cry in the middle of the night is all it takes to motivate you out of bed to see what might be wrong. A client needs a project completed by 5:00 or you won’t get paid is often motivation enough to get you moving. Your stomach rumbles so you’re motivated to find something to eat.

So you can easily understand that there are many things that motivate you and that motivation can come in a variety of forms. Many of them at an unconscious level.

For many of us, however, there are times that we just can’t seem to get moving to accomplish something — anything! Often, because there is no implied reward at the end.

Filing your taxes is a task that must be done, but it may take the looming midnight filing deadline to spur you to action. And then your stress level hits maximum overdrive.

The good news is — you can actually take steps to build and sustain motivation!

There are 30 ways in this email series that will help you get and stay motivated, and ideally, you’ll want to take one tip and apply it each day over the next month.

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