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Email Marketing Essentials:
How to Build a List of Responsive
and Loyal Subscribers

This course covers the things you need to know to build the type of relationship with your email subscribers so that they respond when you ask them to do something and that leads to lasting loyalty and profits. We’ll cover both basic and some advanced strategies throughout this course.


Each lesson comes with an action assignment, so that you can easily implement what you’ve learned. You’ll be completing those activities as you move through the program. By the end, you should already be well on your way to a stronger relationship with the people on your email list.

It is best if you follow the lessons in the order they are presented as each lesson builds on the one that came before it. Start with the introduction, then move on to Lesson 1. Only move to the next lesson once you’ve completed the Action Plan in each lesson.

Unlike most self-study courses, this one comes with support. See the sidebars at the right for the various ways you can interact with me to get answers to your questions, advice on what to do next, and have me review your action plans. I’m available to help. Don’t go it alone!

Each lesson is a PDF document and you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download and read the files. If you have trouble with the documents, first make sure your Reader software is up to date before contacting us.

By the time you’ve finished this
course, you will have:

  • Identified reasons it’s essential to have strong relationships with your list of email subscribers.
  • Assessed the current state of your email autoresponder efforts and where you need to improve.
  • Identified the actions you will take to increase the number of your list subscribers.
  • Written or revised your current Welcome email so that it sets the right tone and gets your subscriber relationship started in the right direction.
  • Identified what your readers want to hear in your emails.
  • Brainstormed ideas for email content your readers will find valuable.
  • Written emails that keep your subscribers engaged and interested in reading your content.
  • Listed ways you will build your subscriber relationship outside of email.
  • Outlined which types of income you will focus on getting from autoresponder vs. broadcast emails (passive vs. active income).
  • Drafted an action plan for moving forward with your subscriber relationship-building efforts.

Now, jump in and start benefiting from creating a highly profitable email marketing program.

Lessons — Loyal Subscribers

Introduction (Read this first)
NOTE: You may want to download, below, the checklist that goes with this course: Email Marketing Essentials Action Plan Checklist. It will help you stay focused and on-track if you use it throughout the course.

Lesson 1 — What is an Email List and Why is It So Important?
NOTE: Be sure to download the Bonus Report, below, that goes with this lesson: 7 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

Lesson 2 — The Keys to Using an Autoresponder Effectively

Lesson 3 — Getting People to Sign-Up for Your List

Lesson 4 — The Importance of a Good Introduction (Your Welcome Email)

Lesson 5 — Providing Valuable Information to Your List

Lesson 6 — Finding Out What Your Subscribers Want

Lesson 7 — How to Keep Your Subscribers Tuned-In

Lesson 8 — Reaching Your Subscribers Outside of Your List

Lesson 9 — Passive & Active Income from Your Email Marketing
NOTE: Be sure to download, below, your bonus report that goes with this lesson: 21 Great Ideas for Creating Passive Income Streams

Lesson 10 — Wrapping Up the Course and Your Action Plan


Email Marketing Essentials Action Plan Checklist

7 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

50 Ideas for Your Opt-In Freebie

21 Great Ideas for Creating Passive Income Streams

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