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Are Ready to Finally Take Action
to Grow Your Practice or Business?

By now, you’ve undoubtedly “heard everything” in the way of how to be a huge success in your business or coaching practice.

You’ve been promised again and again that if you just follow this guru or that guru’s plan you’ll have clients breaking down your door. You’ll have an eager waiting list for months and you’ll never have to rob Peter to pay Paul again.

I wish I could make that kind of promise to you. But I can’t.

Not in good conscience at least.

You see, I’ve been around the block a few times myself. I’ve gotten burned by the “best of ’em.”

I’ve spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars on some of the biggest names in the coach training and marketing profession, each promising golden riches. And if it didn’t work out this year, well, they say, “come on back next year — and pay another 10- or 20-grand” — because I’d surely find the golden goose then.

Perhaps you too have signed on to a program where you thought you’d get direct guidance from the Coach, only to discover that — if there was anything at all beyond a few videos — it wasn’t the big-name coach delivering. Perhaps you got promised that you would work with your very own coach — only to discover that you had to share that coach with 300 other people and you’d be lucky if you could schedule a quarter of an hour with them — every three months!

There are lots of coaching guru’s out there who will promise you the world, but won’t promise that they’ll personally help you grow your coaching business. They really can’t. They’ve grown too big. They’ve bought into the idea that you can make a lot of money and never have to be present except to check the bank balance.

I can make this promise, however: To be your actual coach. Your actual consultant. Your actual mentor. And I do.

Like you, from the time I graduated from coaching school, all I’ve ever wanted to do was coach. And it’s a funny (not in a ha-ha kind of way) thing that, probably also like you, trying to get clients all the time was not I what I had bargained for. Marketing and selling was the last thing I wanted to do.

That may sound pretty odd coming from a coach who helps other people with marketing their practice and teaches about the business side of things. Way too many times to count I’ve said that “I just wish the clients would show up somehow by magic. I just wish I didn’t have to do all this marketing.” (Maybe this sounds like you?)

But what I discovered was that while I was teaching and helping other coaches to do their marketing, doing my own marketing got easier. And I began to learn and discover — right along with my clients — the kinds of things that coaches could do that actually worked to attract their right- and perfect-fit clients.

I’ll never forget that one of my early clients said to me, “I used to have marketing angst. But thanks to you, Marty, I don’t have marketing angst any more.” That’s really what I still do to this day. Help you overcome marketing angst so you can joyfully attract all the clients you can handle.

My biggest job is to continually remind you that it is your job to attract people whom you can help.

Because that’s what we coaches do. We help people. We help them solve their problems. We help them discover happiness and success when they can’t find it on their own.

And you can’t do that unless you’re actively marketing your coaching business.

And if you aren’t letting people know you’re available to help them, you’re doing a huge disservice to them. It’s not your job to save the whole world, but at least your sliver of the world, absolutely, yes!

Here’s the thing: I stand in your exact same shoes. And that’s exactly why I love helping coaches like you become successful in your profession. For more than 20+ years of slogging it out, day after day, running a business, I’ve known the joys and triumphs, and the trials and tribulations of being self-employed.

I get you because I AM you.

Coaching is a noble and honored profession. And coaching is becoming more and more popular as more and more people learn of the value of having a personal coach. Both for living a greater life and enjoying professional success. And I’m here to help you enjoy both.

AND to help you reach the right prospects so you can coach more and more people.

If you are tired of going it alone. If you don’t really know what to do to effectively market your practice. If you’re tired of empty promises designed to take your money and “leave you to the wolves,” then perhaps it’s time to make the decision to get help from someone who will be there for you.

Someone who will stand by you, and will STILL be there to help you even when you’re not in a regularly scheduled session.

Perhaps coaching/consulting/mentoring with me is just what you need to grow your coaching business in the way that you want to grow it. With integrity. And with real, profitable action.

It’s called the 4×4 Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting Program and is designed just for coaches. Life and lifestyle coaches. Business coaches. Health coaches. Diet and Nutrition coaches. Or any combination of coaching modalities.

It’s especially for coaches who are not quite making the kind of living they would like, nor serving the number of clients they would like. Perhaps that’s you.

4×4 means: 4 Coaches for 4 Weeks in a dynamic group mentoring program that includes 1:1 time with me, Marty Marsh, every week. You know as well as I do that being a successful coach is a lot more than just being an expert in your chosen field.

Coaching is actually a business and as such needs to be run like a business.

But so many coaches are not only not grounded in the ways of running a business, but absolutely hate the idea of having to run the business part at all. It has always been my mission to help coaches set-up the business side of things so that they actually make the kind of money they want and deserve and yet, have plenty of time to actually serve their clients — and to have time with their families and friends.

teaching, training, coaching and mentoring - a collage of isolated words in vintage letterpress wood type with ink patina
This mentoring program is totally driven by you.

I have no agenda. I will not be taking you through a set of pre-planned steps or presentations. This is not a “class” or a “course.” It starts where you want to start and we work on just what you need. It’s an excellent way to work on specific projects for your specific needs.

Perhaps you have a copywriting or marketing project you need to get done? Or you need help with a marketing strategy, product launch, your website, sales letter, email campaign — or setting up an entire email marketing program?

I’m here to support you and guide you through whatever it is you want to get accomplished.

In addition to taking advantage of my business and marketing expertise, you also get to tap into my design and copywriting background and take advantage of the team of people I have assembled that can help you with any challenge.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider joining this program…

  • You don’t know how to set up your business — whether it’s an online or offline business or both
  • You are brand new to the coaching profession and want to shorten your learning curve when it comes to managing and marketing your coaching practice
  • You need help in defining what your coaching business actually is
  • Your coaching business is not getting the results that you had expected
  • You are having trouble finding clients — especially your right-fit and perfect-fit clients
  • You don’t know where your prospects are hiding out
  • You’re unsure of how to most effectively market your coaching business
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not quite sure you’re doing the right things

Your coaching business requires thoughtful planning and marketing to be successful. While setting up a website can be fairly easy and inexpensive these days, attracting potential clients to you is not as easy as you may think it should be. Setting up an email marketing program — essential to doing business online today — has many moving parts and can be a challenge. These are just two example areas where coaches tend to need the most help.

Here’s how it works:

4 participant coaches meet together via video conferencing once each week for a total of 90-minutes each week. Each participant gets 15 minutes of focused attention from me to work on whatever your needs are for your practice. You then get to eavesdrop on the other three participants learning from their needs things that you will either want to know in the moment or for the future.

Sessions are held in groups of 4 using video meeting technology. Each week’s session is privately recorded and then stored in your private community for 24/7 access. In addition to each week’s session, you will stay connected with me and your other team members while you’re in the program, by phone and Facebook Group, as well as through email and Skype messaging.

During the session, you will have 15-minutes of one-on-one coaching/mentoring/consulting with me, Marty. Sometimes we’ll be figuring out things together and sometimes I’ll just be telling you what to do. Everything you need during that time: ideas, processes, feedback, contacts, resources… whatever it takes for you to take your next steps.

Just 15 minutes??

15 minutes of focused time with me is plenty… You’ll be amazed at just how much can be accomplished in a focused 15-minute period, plus you’ll have the “borrowed” benefit of hearing me coach and work with the other three team members and enjoy any feedback they might offer you as well.

And your access to me doesn’t stop when the session is over. I’m available to answer your emails, to take your private phone calls. To answer a quick question — because I know that sometimes you just need to ask somebody your burning question or simply talk something out.

You get discounts on other services I offer. Locked-in-forever preferred membership pricing in the new Soul Proprietor Academy. Discounts on my copywriting services. Discounts on my graphic design services. (Got a book in you that you want to publish? I’ve got the expertise for helping you make that happen, too.)

Now, the question is: Are you ready to get started on your brilliant future?

Reaching and helping as many people as you can?

Finally having a business and coaching practice that is so much fun you can hardly wait to get in your office each day?

Making the kind of money you were promised in coaching school?

Then here’s what you need to do next…





Next 4×4 Session Starts Next Tuesday…

You can get started as early as this coming Tuesday. New participants are welcomed into a session until there are a maximum of 4 people, then we open a new session for any additional newcomers.

12:00 Noon Eastern / 9:00 AM Pacific Group

Each Session meets via video broadcast and is approximately 90-minutes.

$297 for 4-Weekly Sessions

All Current Participants lock in this investment price forever and
all Current Participants get first chance to continue month to month.
(Because sometimes things take a little longer.)

You may be wondering why the investment for this program is so low? Well, for a couple of reasons, really.

Number 1, this is a “Pilot” Program. You’ll be one of the first to join Marty in this particular way of coaching and mentoring and, quite frankly, we’re going to be feeling our way along together. And…

Number 2, even when the investment goes up for future participants, I want to serve as many coaches as I possibly can. And I want to keep this as affordable as possible.

So if you’re ready to invest in the successful future of your coaching practice — and serve lots more clients than you might otherwise in a shorter amount of time — then I’d be delighted to have a brief, conversation with you about whether this might be a good option for you.

I’m not a hard-sell kind of guy. Either this program is for you or it’s not. A pretty simple thing.


3d-boxcover-newclientkit-250pxlWhen you join the 4×4 Coaching Program for Coaches, you’ll receive a complete New Client Kit which features all the forms, sample letters, sample invoices, intake forms, session tracking forms, and more to use to set up your practice just the way you want. Instant professionalism as each item is supplied in Word format so you can customize to your heart’s content and specific to your coaching practice. It’s my gift to you when you join me in this pilot program.


What I Believe…

  • I Believe… in being of service to humanity
  • I Believe… in listening carefully and responding appropriately
  • I Believe… in talking with people not at them
  • I Believe… in taking appropriate action
  • I Believe… in knowing when to say “no” — and when to say “yes”
  • I Believe… in being kind, no matter what
  • I Believe… you should be able to speak with your coach whenever you need them
  • I Believe… in answering the phone and helping whomever is on the line — whether a client, a prospect, or a salesperson
  • I Believe… success is not scarce — everyone is called to success but not everyone answers
  • I Believe… in asking questions to gain clarity
  • I Believe… in purpose instead of power
  • I Believe… in meaning over money
  • I Believe… in giving full value to my clients
  • I Believe… in under-promising and over delivering
  • I Believe… in the importance of sharing my knowledge and expertise
  • I Believe… in the sacredness of the bond created between myself and my clients
  • I Believe… that I’m here to help guide you to your most extraordinary life and business
  • I Believe… heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs are here to change the world