Each of these mini-posters and reflections was created to remind you of your greatness and to give you hope, inspiration and motivation. Marty suggests that you print them out and post them nearby where you can see them and reflect on their message every day. Please come back often as we will be adding new items each week.

Right-Click on the image or on the accompanying link, then choose SAVE AS… or SAVE LINK AS… (or similar term) to save your posters and reflections to your computer. You may want to set up a special folder called “Mini-Posters from Marty” so that you can always find them. All posters and reflections are provided in pdf format, so you will need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the files.


Click Here to Download: Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow. — Norman Vincent Peale

Click Here to Download: The secret of happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it. — Al Batt

Click Here to Download: My life has been fun of terrible misfortunes… — Michel de Montaigne

Click Here to Download: If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door! — Milton Berle

Click Here to Download: Low self-esteem is like driving throughout life with your hand-break on. — Maxwell Maltz

Click Here to Download: If you don’t like something Change It… — Mary Engelbreit

Click Here to Download: Great things are not done by impulse. — Vincent Van Gough

Click Here to Download: Success doesn’t come to you, YOU GO TO IT. — Marva Collins

Click Here to Download: To Fly, We Have to Have Resistance. — Maya Lin

Click Here to Download: Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal. — Mike Ditka

Click Here to Download: Whenever I hear, “It can’t be done,” I know I’m close to success. — Michael Flatley

For Personal Reflection…

Choose one of these Personal Reflections to focus on each week. Read it each morning, and again before you go to sleep. Ponder the reflection questions and watch as your peace of mind grows and your life begins to unfold in wondrous ways. Also, be sure to write in your gratitude journal what you are thankful for each day.

Click Here to Download: Personal Reflection: I Have What It Takes to Turn Vision Into Reality