Thank You for Getting Your
91-Day Tracking Form

Click Here or click the image at the left to download a copy of the tracking form. Once you click, it should automatically open in your Acrobat Reader. From there you can view, or save, and print out.

You can also save a little time if you right-click the link or the image, choose SAVE AS… (or similar) and place the file in a safe place on your computer where you know you’ll always be able to find it. I suggest making a Marty Marsh folder to hold all the goodies you’ll be getting from me.

Once you print it out, buy a package of Gold Stars at the craft store, or just use a red marker to mark off each day that you work on, or accomplish, or do what you say you want to do. Hang the tracker in a place that will be easy to reach and where you can see it as a reminder. Commit to doing that thing for at least 90 days. You’ll love seeing the chain of stars or X’s and hopefully be motivated to keep on keeping on!

At the end of every week, celebrate your winning streak in a way that’s meaningful for you. I personally like to reward myself with seeing a movie, or going out for dinner, or browsing in the local bookstore. You get to choose for you.

You can use this form for as many new habits or projects you want to work on.