Are you a Soul Proprietor?

Wondering if you’re a Soul Proprietor?

  • Does being in business mean more to you than just making money?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? (Do you want to change the world?)
  • Do you want to know wild success while making a great living doing exactly what you love?

If you answered YES to those questions you are probably a “soul” proprietor and this makes you a YOUnique entrepreneur in a business world that is not always kind and loving.

  • Do you feel different from other business people you know?
  • Do you see people struggling or hurting and know you could help them — if they only knew your kind of help existed?
  • When you hear that someone who needs your services, do you hesitate to call them?
  • Do you love what you do, know you’re good at it but get turned off by all the seemingly cut-throat competitive practices you’re told you must do to get ahead?
  • Are you tired of being told that business is war and your competitors are your enemies?
  • Do you think marketing is just a lot of hype and subtle deception and that selling is just a means to force someone to buy something they don’t want?
  • Did you go into business for yourself to help other people and to make a difference in the world?
  • Do you love what you do so much it never feels like work?
  • Do you sometimes feel guilty for wanting to make a lot of money?
  • Do you love the freedom of being self-employed?
  • Do you find marketing to be soul-less and stressful?

 You’re probably a “soul” proprietor if you have:

  • A strong desire for personal development
  • A strong desire for independence
  • A strong desire to set your own goals and priorities
  • A strong desire to work from your own set of core values
  • A strong desire to make a unique contribution to the lives of others
  • A strong desire to operate altruistically and still earn a good living

Solo-Entrepreneurs who consider themselves to be “soul” proprietors often find that their desire to serve their customers from a place of love and integrity runs counter to much of the advice being given about what it takes to be successful in business. Most often that advice involves deceptive practices, overly hyped promises and sometimes, outright fraud.

Most of us who have chosen to operate our businesses as “soul” proprietors are doing so because of two key factors. First, it allows us more freedom to create a certain lifestyle we want to live. Secondly, we are able to place a bigger value on helping people while sustaining an altruistic value on HOW we gain financial rewards.

Does this leave us in conflict over amounts of money earned, if we aren’t ‘doing it for the money’?

Not at all! We go into business for ourselves not only for the freedom it gives us, but also, to earn an adequate living for ourselves and our family. We share the same desire as other solo-entrepreneurs to earn enough money to erase anxiety about paying bills and to “set aside enough for a rainy day.” And, we share the same goal when it comes to marketing. We want to market our business to successfully bring in more customers so that we CAN make more money with integrity and creativity and by being our authentic selves.

However, while still believing that abundance is our birthright, “soul” proprietors first and foremost, operate from a place of altruism (helping others). We believe it is perfectly okay to charge for our services and to charge an amount equivalent to the value we are giving, but our marketing methodology is different because of the importance we place on being altruistic.

The purpose of this website is to help you learn more about how you can be a “soul” proprietor and still operate your business from a place of helpfulness, integrity, and authenticity.

To sum up:

  • Soul Proprietors believe that being in business should be fun (and not feel like work) and should be centered around creating real relationships with real people.
  • Soul Proprietors love being in business because they’ve realized that a business is the best way that they can change the world — or at the least, change their world.
  • Soul Proprietors not only provide for themselves but they support and give back to their community.
  • And most important, Soul Proprietors surround themselves with positive-minded, self-empowered, conscientious, and kind people who are committed — just as they are themselves — to excellence in everything they do.

So, if you’ve decided that you are indeed a “soul” proprietor, you’ll find the help here you need to be successful in operating a business or practice. I’ll help you to market your business in a way that attracts your perfect-fit clients and allows you to serve them “from your heart” so you can be true to yourself and keep your clients around for a long time to come.


About: Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial change-agent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit