Attn: All Entrepreneurial
Change Agents

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You want to make a
positive change in the world.

And so do I.

So let’s get together and do just that.

I believe that a business — in the hands of a soul proprietor — can be the catalyst for the greatest spiritual expression on the planet.

And what greater spiritual expression is there than helping other people have a great life?

“What does love look like? It has the hands to help others.” — St. Augustine

You have a specific ability — a special gift — to solve certain problems. And when your clients get their problems solved you are giving them a new lease on life.

One client at a time!

You and your business can change the world for positive good one client at a time. As you help your clients they, in turn, help other people. It’s a magical thing. Much like the wonder of compound interest, what you do for humanity builds on one act after another.

When you help your clients create a great life, that creates happiness. And happiness is contagious.

Ask just about anyone what they want most in life, and they’ll tell you “I just want to be happy.”

My mission: I am looking to enroll thousands of soul proprietors just like yourself from around the globe to join together with the expressed intention of changing the world in positive ways, one client at a time, bringing much happiness and joy to the people of the planet.

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