Got a Project (or 2 or 3) that you want to get off the ground or bring to completion?

How would you like to make 2018 your best year ever?


Hello, Soul Proprietor Like Me! 🙂

Could you use some help in either getting a project or program off the ground or finishing up one (or 2 or three) that you’ve got in the works and just can’t seem to get across the finish line?

As an entrepreneur with more than 22 years experience running my own small business I know the trials and tribulations — as well as the joys and triumphs — that come from showing up everyday, not only to earn a living, but to serve the people who have trusted me to help guide them to start, grow, and sustain their own successful businesses.

Clients like Ralph Clements…

I am so glad that I decided to give myself the gift of contacting you on my birthday.

I have had — for more years than I care to share – this desire to create a business for myself that is a truer reflection of my heart than what I have been engaged in for the past 15 years. Your website, free guides, and your genuinely warm and helpful attitude that showed through on those pages captivated my interest. I thought that some day I would like to hire you as both a coach and marketing expert to help me move ahead with achieving my desires.

I must say that hiring you was one of the wisest things I have ever done!

From our communications via email and by phone; your generosity with extra time when appropriate; and the unexpected gifts of relevant books, CDs, and magazines; your unwavering support, has helped me to attain my goals.

So, Coach Marty, you were absolutely great to work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! May your life be ever blessed with peace and love,

Ralph Clements

Would you like my help to implement and finish a pressing project, or to create a plan to make 2018 your best year ever, or gain clarity about your business so that you can stop stagnating and move forward? Rapidly?

Together we can identify what it is that you most need help accomplishing, create a plan of implementation and then get it done! I’m offering you a set of 5 coaching calls. The first 45-minute call will help familiarize me with what you are wanting to do (or help you decide what’s the best thing to do right now), followed by four 45-minute calls to help you implement — and finish! — whatever you want to work on. We’ll meet for these calls in my Zoom Conference Room so I can record everything we talk about. (You may really want to refer back to these recordings as you implement.)

“I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, consultant, and mentor; he shines in all three roles.”

Kim Scanlan

Director of Training, Coachella Valley Women's Business Center

Introducing my “Get-it-Done”
Rapid Results New Year
Business Coaching Package

If you’d like to kick 2018 off with a rip roaring start and put actions into place that will pay off all year long (and probably even the year after that, and the year after that) I’d love to get going with you sooner rather than later. That’s why I’ve put a deadline on this offer. So we can get going before the end of the year.

We’ll get together for your first session sometime between now and January 1st and then plan to meet once each week during the month of January. We’ll arrange our sessions for times and dates that are good for both of us.

You’ll walk away from our final session either with a completed project or a plan of action that will see you through to finishing.

You’ll know what you’re doing and when and, most important, HOW! If you need it, you’ll also get my recommendations for support people that you can outsource projects to. And there may be things my own team can help you with.


Access to my private client portal where we can communicate back and forth between sessions AND…

30 Days of Follow-Up after you finish your sessions. I never want to leave anyone hanging. So you’re not limited to just our sessions on Zoom; there will be ample opportunity for engagement outside of those sessions. You’ll be able to ask questions of me daily (if you want and need to) and submit requests for feedback on whatever you’re working on. This is great for keeping you and your projects rolling forward to completion.

For all this time and expertise, you’ll
invest only $497!

A drop in the bucket compared to what you’d normally pay me for one-on-one
coaching and consulting, am I right?

I look forward to our massively-productive time together!

My Best,

Marty Marsh

My Get-it-Done Guarantee

If during our first session together you decide that this coaching package
is not for you, I’ll refund your investment immediately.