Daily Planner for Soul Proprietors

If you find yourself stressed out because you’ve got so much on your plate and yet you are driven to accomplish a lot on any given day, having a plan of action can save your sanity.

The Daily Planner for Soul Proprietors is designed to help you integrate and organize both your personal and business life in one place.

Image of Daily Planner Page for Soul ProprietorsThe Daily Planner for Soul Proprietors is yours to download and use for free, and no opt-in or registration is required. It comes in 5 colors, all bundled into a .zip file. So simply right-click on the image at left and select SAVE AS… then choose a destination on your computer that you can remember where it is. You’ll then need to expand the .zip file and inside you’ll find 5 separate PDF documents that you can print and use immediately. You may also right-click this link to start the download: Daily Planner Download

How to Use the Daily Planner…

On most days you will likely find yourself confronted with a variety of tasks all having a different level of importance and priority. Usually there is one task that, if accomplished today, will catapult you forward, make you feel really happy, and create space for doing all those other wonderful things on your plate. If you get only that one thing done you can leave your office knowing you’ve accomplished the most important thing in your day.

This planner provides space for you to make that commitment to get that one most important thing done. It will be the one thing that will feel the best when you put that check off mark in the little box. (Or better yet, do what I do, and give yourself a “gold star”!)

The rest of the form gives you space for planning for all those other wonderful things that are so necessary to living a happy life and having a productive business. Be sure to take care of yourself. At the end of each day, write just a few words in the “journal” space at the bottom. Write down what you want to remember and what you are grateful for.

Reading is important to me as I imagine it is to you. Just think, if you read one book a week you’d have read 52 books in a year! Think of all the new knowledge you’d have. But sadly many of us don’t take the time to read because we have too much else to do that we think is far more important. On this form you can record what you want to read (be sure to do some pleasurable reading, too) and then allow yourself the time to do so, even if only for 15 minutes a day or just read a single chapter.

The important thing to remember is to not let this form become a chore to complete or create additional stress. Use the parts that suit you best, ignore the rest. Let this be a tool that helps you accomplish what you want to accomplish, not just so that you can get more done in a day — although that well may be the result of using it.

I’d love to hear from you after you’ve used the form to let me know how it is helping you. Using the Contact Marty form is the easiest, fastest and best way to communicate with me.

All the best for your success,

Marty Marsh
Soul Proprietor
Your Follow-Up & Stay-in-Touch Marketing Strategist