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Your Done-For-You NewsCard Works Hard Month after Month to Build Better Client Relationships,
Create Credibility, Build Trust and Bring You More Clients

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You just can’t beat a printed newsletter for solidifying business relationships quickly and easily. A postcard newsletter — a NewsCard — containing useful information for those who receive it is the perfect soft-sell approach for reaching more prospects and turning them into clients.

Without a doubt, a newsletter, mailed regularly to your prospects and clients, is a sure-fire way to build goodwill, trust, and a long-lasting relationship that leads to more sales for your business.

What is a Done-4-You NewsCard?

A NewsCard is a pre-written, professionally designed newsletter on an oversized — 5.5 x 8.5 inch — postcard consisting of two or three short articles along with some quick bulleted facts that make for fast and easy reading by the recipient — your prospects and clients. Your NewsCard is customized by adding your name, your business name and tag line plus all of your contact information. It is topped off with an area devoted to your custom marketing message, making the NewsCard uniquely yours.

You decide how often you want to mail your NewsCard. We have an affordable plan for every budget whether you want to mail monthly, every other month, quarterly or just a couple of times a year. And when you choose to let us create an Evergreen NewsCard for you, you’ll always have something at the ready to start following-up whenever you meet a new prospect.

It is the perfect, low-cost way to reach your prospects and clients outside of their overflowing inbox.

How a Done-4-You NewsCard Works

WE do all the hard work for you…

  • WE write interesting and fun articles that your readers will enjoy and benefit from (this is the biggest time-saver of all for you, especially if you’re someone who “hates to write”)
  • WE design a colorful and eye-catching layout that showcases your professionalism and makes a great impression on your prospects and existing clients alike
  • WE add in your custom advertisement or marketing message to your readers so you get more inquiries and, ultimately, more sales
  • WE fully personalize it with your name and contact info so your NewsCard is truly yours
  • WE prepare a print-ready PDF document of your finished NewsCard so you can use it in a variety of ways
  • WE print and ship to you as many newsletters as you need (Min. Quantity is just 25 and our printing prices will amaze you); or you can send to your own favorite printer instead, if you prefer

All you have to do is…

  • Provide us with all of your contact and personalizing information (one-time)
  • Provide us with your photo if you want to use that in your newsletter — and we strongly suggest that you do as this truly lets your prospects know they’re dealing with a real human being (one-time)
  • Provide us with the copy for your advertisement or offer or custom message which you can change each issue if you like (and if you want us to, at no extra charge, we’re happy to help you tweak this copy so that you use just the right words that will generate the most interest or sales in your offer)
  • When you receive your printed NewsCards you simply address, stamp and mail (and if you have 200 or more pieces, we can address and mail them for you)

It’s as easy that!

Best of all, you’ll be working with real live human beings who care greatly about not only how good you look in your marketplace but the success of your business as well. We believe in communicating with you every step of the way so you get a NewsCard that you can be proud of. One that you’ll look forward to mailing every month and that your prospects and clients will look forward to receiving and reading. We can get you started with your first newsletter immediately.

How much is a NewsCard?

The monthly NewsCard package starts at just $97 per month (plus the cost of printing and postage). There is a one-time set-up fee of $197 but after that it is just $97 to reach your prospects and clients to keep your name front and center. It is another channel for reaching folks outside their overflowing email inboxes.