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September 16 is Elevator Pitch Day

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Remember, today is the perfect day to perfect your own “elevator pitch” or what some call your 15-30 second commercial, so that others know precisely what you do when you say it out loud. It should be succinct, interesting and make the listener want to know more. This is really your USP — Unique Selling Proposition — which tells people what makes you different from everyone else out there.

A few examples of an elevator pitch:

  • A Florist Shop: “When you have something to say, let our flowers second that emotion.”
  • From a Life Insurance Company: “The life insurance you don’t have to die to use.”
  • From a landscaping company: “I own a landscaping company specializing in the installation and maintenance of beautiful gardens for large estates.”
  • From an SEO Firm: “I help business owners get their website ranked in the top position on Google for the keywords people would use to find their business online.”
  • From an accounting firm: “We make sure you understand your financial statements. We want the process of billing your customers and paying the bills from your vendors every month to wind up making you money, instead of giving you continual unprofitable headaches.”
  • From a tax preparer: “I help keep my clients out of jail.”

Study the “pitches” of other businesses both large and small and see if you can perfect them. Then, write yours and ask others for feedback on it. Work on it until it makes sense to people. You don’t want them asking you what you mean. Instead you want them to say: “Tell me more” or “I have a referral for you,” or “I have been thinking of hiring a __________ and am so glad we met.”

These are all good signs that your pitch works. When you say it often enough out loud in public, if its working you will find others repeating it almost like a mantra.

The key is to make sure your “pitch” sounds natural, more like having a conversation or telling a story. Too often, an elevator pitch sounds too formal. You want people to be interested, not bored to tears.

Thanks to Heidi Richards Mooney and her Quirky Marketing Calendar for reminding me that September 16th is Elevator Pitch Day. Get your own Quirky Marketing Calendar and never miss another opportunity to market your business in a fun and creative way.

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