Do your subscribers no longer open your emails?
Do your subscribers ignore your emails?
Have your subscribers forgotten who you are?

You Can Reactivate Them and Turn Them Into Raving Fans Once Again…Even If You Haven’t Emailed Them in a Long Time!

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

You’ve been faithfully building an emailing list for years and some of your subscribers go way, way back. But you’ve noticed that your open rate, and your click through rate — and worst of all, your sales — are all going down.

You’re probably wondering, “What am I doing wrong that my list doesn’t seem to want to engage with me anymore?”

You may not be doing anything wrong at all. But things do change.

Your list has probably become what I call “inbox weary” — meaning your subscribers are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of email coming in to their inboxes every single day.

These “inbox weary” people are just too overwhelmed with their overflowing inbox to read everything they find in there, including the things they really WANT to read.

Your subscribers are getting more and more discriminate about what they will open and read, and on which emails they are willing to spend some time.

If your list has become stagnant, or unresponsive, it’s time to take the steps to get those subscribers re-engaged with you!

If you follow the steps outlined in this program, you’ll be able to reactivate your list so that the currently dis-engaged will become your raving fans once again.

Have a list but haven’t emailed to it for awhile?

If you have a list (or are building one) and just haven’t emailed anything to them in a while, that’s a different story altogether!

But there’s no reason to despair. All is not lost!

But let’s face it. Attention spans are short these days and if you haven’t emailed your list in awhile those people very likely have forgotten who you are and certainly why they wanted to get on your list in the first place.

In this program you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to re-engage those people — without accusations of being a spammer.

There are specific steps you’ll need to take and specific things you’re going to need to say, but you’ll find everything in this program you need to increase your chances of having successful re-engagement with your list.

I’ll show you step-by-step…

Nothing will happen, though, until you take action. And with this email reactivation program, you won’t even have to think about what needs to be done next because I provide the exact formula for re-engaging those unresponsive subscribers.

AND, best of all…

Following these action steps will…

  • keep you out of trouble
  • out of their spam box, and
  • keep you in the good graces…

…with all those potential buyers and clients that are just sitting there waiting to hear from you again and to have a reason to open your emails once they arrive in their inbox.


How to Run a Reactivation Campaign
for Disengaged Email Subscribers

If you’ve got a stale or unresponsive list — or if you’ve not emailed your list in quite a while — then this program package will show you exactly what to do to turn unresponsive subscribers into raving fans once again.

(You can read this ebook in less than an hour and be creating
a plan for re-engaging your list in minutes.)

Plus 3 Big Bonuses to Help You Finally Stick with an
Email Marketing Program:

Reactivation Checklist

Reactivation Checklist

To make sure you don’t miss any of the steps (and prevent costly mistakes) when reactivating your list.

Grow Your List eBook

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