Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Colorful Email Marketing GraphicWhile Email Marketing should never be your ONLY channel for marketing your business, it really is a CRUCIAL component of your over all marketing activity and ignoring the best practices and the technical requirements — or the law — is a recipe for failure and maybe even disaster.

Whether you’ve been emailing to a list for a long time, a short time or are just putting your toe into the email marketing waters, the best way to make sure you are doing everything the right way and the best way — so that you don’t waste your time, your subscribers’ time, and that you actually make money for your efforts — is to have expert guidance showing you the way — step-by-Step.

And I have 3 avenues of expert guidance to help make sure that every email you send meets or exceeds your email marketing goals…

For the Do-It-Yourself-er

Learn the ins and outs and the best practices and how to set up an effective and profitable email marketing program for your business in my 4-part “Marketing to the Inbox Weary” Workshop. Step-by-Step, Hands-On Live training. Coming Soon!

Done-For-You Email Kickstart Program

Working closely with me and my team, together we’ll create a full email marketing program for your business from the goal setting, to the landing or squeeze page, to the messages, to the Email Service Provider selection and set-up — everything to create a profitable email marketing program for you right through a plan to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. Everything needed to get your email program launched and working for you. Learn more.

Done-For-You “Recently & Frequently” Email Marketing

Don’t want to do your own email marketing or just don’t have the time but still know that email marketing is a vital part of your marketing strategy? Let me do it for you! I have a variety of package programs available that leave you free to do what you do best while your email marketing keeps going. Learn more.

My email marketing help is surprisingly affordable and the best way to determine exactly what your needs and wants are is for us to have a no-obligation conversation. Don’t worry about a hard-sell session, I don’t roll that way. Either my services are a good fit for you or not. But we won’t find out unless we talk.

Schedule your no-obligation appointment with me here: Talk with Marty About Email Marketing