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ATTENTION: All human beings who are seeking more happiness, more joy, more abundance, and more love…

What if you could live your greatest life — your best life — every single day?
Not sometimes. Not once in a while, but every single day?

Dear Fellow Spiritual Seeker,

The release of the movie and the book, The Secret, was supposed to introduce you to the wonders of the Law of Attraction. You learned about all the wonderful things you could create in your life just by thinking about them.

But rather than help, you just got more confused.

And nothing happened…

You want stuff but you aren’t getting it.

It seemed that The Secret taught a way to simply sit on the couch and visualize all kinds of material things into existence.

You could get everything you wanted without having to work for it.

You want a new car and a new house, and maybe there’s something wrong with you if your neighbor has it and you don’t.

So you hear about the Law of Attraction and you get in this mode of desperately wanting a new car.

It becomes all you can think about.

You’ve heard that all you have to do is think more positively about having the car and the car will manifest.

You’re thinking positively all the time about a new car and yet, there’s still the same old clunker sitting in the driveway.

And you fall into despair. “What am I doing wrong?”

IS there something wrong with you?

So many people I know are worried, not only that they might be doing something wrong, but that — even worse — there must be something fundamentally wrong with them because they aren’t instantly manifesting all sorts of material things.

I want to know the secret now!

We’ve been led to believe we can simply create out of thin air all those things we want and need. And that there’s some secret we must know — or that we must somehow be missing — because we aren’t getting all those things we dream about having.

Yet, for centuries, people have known this “secret” and used it to create their greatest lives.

It’s really only a secret if you’ve never heard about it before.

So, what is this secret?

Simply this: whatever you give your energy, attention and focus to, you get more of it—whether it’s something you want or something you don’t want.

The “secret” is simply the Law of Attraction at work.

If there’s a secret at all, it’s that the real challenge in creating your best life is in putting your energy, attention, and focus only on those things that you do want.

It’s a lot easier said than done if you’re human and live in the real world.

And let’s face it, for all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo that we’ve been taught, including the notion that nothing we see or experience is really real, I beg to differ.

On some quantum level it may not be real, but if you’re experiencing a bad relationship, little or no money in the bank, drudgery at work, feelings of hopelessness and loss, that’s pretty real in your world, isn’t it?

Sure, you can manifest a new car. Or a new house. Or a new lover. Or a few thousand bucks in the bank.

Everyone wants to be prosperous. Everyone wants all those things. The new car. The new lover. Money in the bank, and a host of other things as well.

And all of those things are certainly a visible sign of your prosperity. All of those things somehow seem to make our lives better.

Here’s a secret: It really isn’t about the car.

Are those “things” all you want?

What about your inner prosperity?

What about living every day of your life not only to your greatest potential, but with joy and happiness and peace and contentment, as well as with abundance and prosperity? As well as with new cars, new houses, new relationships? (If that’s what you truly want.)

Sarah Susanka says it best…

“Our desires for expensive stuff are often surrogates for meaningfulness and fulfillment in our lives.”

Let’s face it. We live in a material world. And having a new car or a new house is a great way of showing the world (and yourself) just how prosperous you really are.

You see, every day you’re bombarded with messages that tell you that you’re missing out on something, that other people have what you don’t, and that you’re not good enough because you don’t have all those things that are supposed to make life worth living.

Well, STOP right there.

You know what? You already ARE good enough. You already ARE a perfectly divine human being just

the way you are — despite what your current reality might seem to indicate and regardless of what you possess or what others might try to tell you about yourself — your life is actually perfect the way it is right now.

But if you’re like me (and just about everyone else I know), you’re always striving to improve, to learn new things, to try new ideas, and to create the best life you possibly can for yourself and your family.

So, if you’ve been following what’s been going on about the Law of Attraction all these years, prompted primarily by The Secret, then you’re probably already aware that the message seems to be that you can manifest a new car, a new house, a new relationship or anything else you want simply by “thinking about it.”

I’m not going to insult you by promising to reveal deep dark secrets about how you can create a better life simply by changing your thinking.

What I’m going to do instead is show you how you can live your greatest life every single day.



You have outdone yourself with Law of Attraction for Everyday Living.

I have been a student of the Law of Attraction for some time, and as I read your eBook, I noticed that I got even more clarity on how I can design my life. There’s a rhythm to the lessons in it and it flows in a remarkable way. You get your message across in a way that makes it a pleasure to learn. This makes me want to keep reading and learning from you.

You inspire me to take action with the tools you have provided. You also inspire me to allow the abundance to flow.

I enjoyed the personal stories, experiences and quotes that you sprinkle throughout the book. I love the way you have worksheets that we can print out to help us track our vibrations and to get clear about what we want. Your Happiness list is the first I’ve ever seen like that — how unique!

You take this huge subject of Law of Attraction and really make it possible to incorporate it into our everyday lives. I know your eBook will enrich the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

With Gratitude!

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every day knowing that your whole day was going to be perfect?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every day knowing that you’re going to experience more joy and more happiness than you did even the day before?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every day knowing that no matter what happens in your life that day, you can still be filled with joy and happiness?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your FAMILY to get up every day knowing that you were going to help them create their greatest joy and their greatest happiness, too?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every day knowing you had all the tools at your disposal for creating your greatest life—your perfect life?

What happens when you apply the principles and lessons you’ll find in Law of Attraction for Everyday Living?

  • Each and every day will feel like a brand new canvas on which you can paint your life as you desire. Life becomes this grand experiment that you’ll totally enjoy. You’ll try new things and you’ll discover what works best for your life.
  • You’re going to feel great almost all of the time. Life will be terrific. And you won’t have to take anything artificial to be high on life.
  • Those limiting beliefs—those blocks to your greater good—will simply disappear. You’ll no longer need them to protect you and you’ll experience a freedom like you’ve never known before.
  • People will love you and you’ll love them. Nothing will get in the way of this natural exchange of love (even with strangers).
  • Problems and conflicts will virtually disappear. Any challenges that do arise are easily worked out. You can see their purpose and move through whatever life throws at you with grace and ease.
  • You’ll lose that notion that you’re not good enough. You’ll stop striving for some elusive perfection. You’ll be living from your authentic self and feelings of anxiousness will evaporate.
  • Your work will become “play.” You’ll be engaged in work that you love, that is fulfilling and meets all your wants and needs. You’ll come to realize that your ideas equal money in your pocket whether you’re self-employed or work for someone else. (It doesn’t matter. You’re still your own boss!)
  • You’ll have the freedom to be flexible. Your life just naturally becomes easier. Nothing is permanent. You can change your mind, your ideas, your way of living knowing that no matter what your life is unfolding exactly as it should.
  • You’ll be fully engaged with your life as it is unfolding each day. No longer will your past dictate your future. You’ll be living in each moment. Yesterday won’t matter. And you’ll have the confidence that tomorrow will take care of itself.
  • More opportunities and creative outlets will open to you. Your creativity will flourish. You’ll effortlessly attract other people that will help you live your dreams.
  • People who have previously caused you grief and upset will begin to leave you alone. Their negativity no longer has an effect on you and eventually they’ll disappear from your life altogether.
  • You’ll have more energy for doing all the things you want to do. You’ll need lots less energy to do the same tasks and your ideas will flourish.
  • In short, your life simply becomes easier.

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: What follows is a testimonial from Jessica Albon]

Hi Marty,

I’m not especially experienced with The Law of Attraction — I know about it, I’ve seen The Secret, but I

wasn’t really feeling like I understood it. Since I’m familiar with your work, I was really excited to see

your ebook come out. I was hoping it would be an easy-to-apply, straight-forward approach to something

that I just couldn’t quite seem to “get” from any of the other teachers I’d encountered.

And that’s exactly what it was! From the very first page, I felt comfortable with your approach — I never

felt like you were talking down to me, but also didn’t feel like you expected me to have all this advanced

understanding of LOA (which was good, because I don’t!). What you wrote, on page 10, about only having

one vibration at once, and about only the present moment mattering… I immediately felt a sense of relief as

I read that. It suddenly felt like the Law of Attraction was “do-able.” I always took the process so seriously,

and knowing that all that matters is this present moment was so reassuring. It meant I could stop feeling

like I was getting everything all wrong when I’d catch myself frustrated by something, and could instead

just lighten up.

And from then, I just kept feeling more and more supported in applying the LOA. Law of Attraction for

Everyday Living breaks it down into such easy-to-apply and logical steps that I found myself following

along right then and there. I usually read a book completely through before starting any of the exercises —

it can be so easy to lose your place or lose momentum — but the way you’ve structured this ebook made it

completely natural to work through the exercises as I read.

I loved your approach to affirmations and your explanation of why they don’t work for most people and

how to “fix” them so that they will work. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks at various affirmations at

times and thinks, “I couldn’t possibly repeat that — it’s so not true,” and you’ve presented an easy, natural

approach that is true. And, when you applied this truthful approach to those “I could never do that”

feelings, I could immediately feel the power in this approach.

Law of Attraction for Everyday Living is a practical, down-to-earth guide that made a huge difference in my

understanding of the LOA. Now, instead of just feeling like I wish I could figure out how to apply it, I have

a proactive, step-by-step approach to follow. You’ve taken the typical advice (allow it, for instance) and

made it easy to actually follow that advice, even for someone who’s completely uncomfortable with the


Thank you, Marty, for putting together this thorough, practical, friendly guide that helps people like me —

who are aware of the Law of Attraction, but not entirely certain how to apply it — start deliberately down

this path.

Jessica Albon, North Carolina

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: End of Albon testimonial]

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Do I really just need to change my thinking?

Lately, you may have seen lots of folks talking about—and many speaking against—the ideas behind the

Law of Attraction and how it works. Or maybe the ideas are new to you.

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: What follows is a testimonial from Michael Castaner]

I’m very new to the whole “Law of Attraction” thing, and after watching the movie The Secret I was left

with the feeling I’d never be able to design my life the way I want it to be. The idea is great, but there was

nothing concrete to make use of, to guide me. Marty’s ebook changed all that. Now I have simple tools and

exercises to use everyday and I can feel my “attractor muscles” grow stronger each time I practice. I feel

better about myself and my ordinary, everyday ability. Marty has made me a believer!

— Michael Castaner (former skeptic), Dutchess County, NY

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: End of Castaner testimonial]

Perhaps you were attracted to the notion of the Law of Attraction precisely because you’ve heard you can

use it to manifest all sorts of material goodies and that all you really have to do is think about them until

they show up.

Truth is, you can have all the material things this Universe can provide — and it can provide anything you

can dream of — whether that’s a new car and a new house or anything else you desire if that’s what you

truly want. And it is certainly perfectly okay if you do want all of those things. (Hey, we’re human, we

want stuff.)

But what I’ve learned from coaching and working with folks just like you and me is that what we all really

want is simply to be happy.

Yep, simply to be happy.

Just be happy?

Because, you see, behind every desire you have — whether that’s for a new car, or a new house, or a better

relationship, or successful children, or lots of money in the bank, or a life with no worries — is the desire to

be happy.

Ask anyone you meet on the street what it is that they most want for their life, and 9 out of 10 of them will

tell you, “I just want to be happy.”

What does your mother say when you tell her about your new relationship? “I just want you to be happy,


That’s all we want. To be happy.

To live joy filled, carefree lives.

To come and go as we please and to have the resources to have all of our physical needs met and all our

desires fulfilled.

To have fun.

To have freedom.

No matter what you call it, it all comes back to happiness.

“I just wanna be happy!”

And what we all long for is that we know happiness and joy every single day that we live. Not just one day

a week. Not just some of the time, but ALL of the time.

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: What follows is a testimonial from Andrea Conway]

Ever wished that someone would make Law of Attraction easy to understand? Ever wished for a simple and

clear approach to using it? Marty Marsh and his Law of Attraction for Everyday Living prove that wishes

come true. With worksheets, charts, summaries, inspiring quotes, and crystal clear explanation, this eBook

contains everything you need to put the Law of Attraction into action immediately.

Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Coach


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Here’s what you’ll learn when you begin to apply the

principles found in Law of Attraction for Everyday


 You’ll learn exactly what the Law of Attraction really is and what it is not.

 You’ll learn about the attraction zone that surrounds you and how to start bringing the people,

things and situations into your life that you really want—and how to eliminate the things you

don’t want from your life forever.

 You’ll learn why being in control of your vibration is more important than just controlling your


 You’ll learn what key ingredient you’re missing if you’re not manifesting the things you want.

 You’ll learn how to feel good all the time.

 You’ll learn how to be happy all the time.

 You’ll learn why your life today is a product of the choices you’ve made in the past—and what

you can do to turn things around.

 You’ll learn about the science behind the Law of Attraction. It isn’t just woo-woo!

 You’ll learn—step-by-step—how to turn your desires into reality.

 You’ll learn why affirmations don’t work. (And what really does!)

 You’ll learn why the words “thank you” are so powerful and why gratitude is essential to your

happiness and well-being (as well as your fortune and prosperity).

 You’ll learn why you have limiting beliefs that keep you from getting the things you want and

from living the great life you know you deserve. (And what you can do to overcome those limiting


 You’ll learn how to observe yourself in such a foolproof way that you’ll starting seeing


 You’ll learn how to become so aware of your vibrations that you’ll recognize immediately when

you’re sending out a negative vibe and how to counteract the consequences of it.

 You’ll learn how vital words are to your success and the words that get us into trouble every

single time.

 You’ll learn exactly what you don’t want in your life AND exactly what you DO want.

 You’ll learn the easy 3-step formula for Deliberate Attraction that you can use every day to bring

more good, more joy, and more prosperity into your life.

 You’ll learn why “allowing” may not be enough and how to open yourself up to receive all the

good you can stand—and more!

 You’ll learn the tips, tools and techniques for manifestation and (most importantly) for living your

greatest life—every day!

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: What follows is a testimonial from Elaine Brotherston]

The information in this eBook can change your life!

You’ll become aware that the Law of Attraction is at work at all times and how you can tap into it and use

its power deliberately.

The eBook is written in a way for all of us to understand the process of having a life of fulfillment in all

areas of our lives (even if you think you’re just an ordinary person). We indeed get what we focus on.

As a teacher, coach, and inspirational person, Marty Marsh has a gift for stimulating people. I would highly

recommend this ebook and his workshops and teleclasses.

Elaine M. Brotherston, Alberta Canada

[NOTE TO SUZANNE: End of Brotherston testimonial]

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Someone once said:

“If you don’t use what you know, you can

consider that you’ve wasted your time in

acquiring that knowledge.”

It won’t do you a bit of good — you’ll likely find that you stay in the same rut you’ve always been in — if

you don’t apply what you learn in Law of Attraction for Everyday Living.

Get the eBook right now. Read it. Do the easy exercises (they’re fun!) and watch how day-by-day, step-by-

step your life changes for the better. Watch how everyday becomes more fun. Watch how people around

you seem to miraculously change. Watch how much more joy you have and watch how your bank account


Here’s what you get when you order your personal copy

of Law of Attraction for Everyday Living:

The 72-page eBook: Law of Attraction for Everyday Living with all the tips, tools, and exercises you need

to start immediately creating your greatest life — available for immediate electronic download on

confirmation of your order no matter what time of the day or night you order.

Plus these free bonus items…

Bonus #1:

I Know the Law, So Where’s My Money? This special report is all about your right to live an abundant

and prosperous life. In it you’ll learn lots of ways to increase your positive vibrations around money so that

you attract more of it. Full of practical tools you can use everyday.

Bonus #2:

Law of Attraction and Gratitude: Why saying “thank you” is the key to having everything you want!

You’ll learn why gratitude is so vital to manifesting the good you want in your life, no matter what it is.

You’ll learn ways to incorporate feeling gratitude in your day-to-day living so that giving thanks simply

becomes automatic for you.

Bonus #3:

A Short-Cut to Manifestation: Using EFT to Get Everything You Want—Faster! You’ll learn about a

technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a routine you can easily incorporate into

your everyday life to dramatically cut down the time it takes to manifest the things and situations you want.

Many people are using EFT today to help them lose weight, to have more money and to gain clarity around

a variety of life situations.

Bonus #4:

How to Be Happy 100% of the Time. Want to be happy all the time? Want to know true joy and

satisfaction in your life? This special report shows you the way to creating an abundance of happiness in

your life every single day. Stop waiting for tomorrow to be happy. Stop waiting for your ship to come in.

This special report shows you how to be happy right now. I mean it, “right NOW!”

Bonus #5:

How to cure Cravings and Lose Weight Using the Law of Attraction. For many of us, losing weight is a

big issue. Many weight loss experts will tell you that true and long lasting weight loss starts in your mind.

My friend, Diana Walker, The Cravings Coach, has graciously provided this very special report that will

help you see how easy it is to use the Law of Attraction to lose the weight you want to get rid of. When you

feel good about yourself, when you like the way you look, you’ll naturally start to attract many other things

you’ve always dreamed about.

You get the eBook, Law of Attraction for Everyday Living plus all the bonuses listed above all for just

$19.97 US. There’s no shipping to pay and you don’t have to wait for the mailman to deliver a set of bulky

notebooks. Every file is available for immediate download as soon as you order.




JUST $19.97

Law of Attraction for Everyday Living

Is my investment in the

eBook guaranteed?

Yes it is. Take at least 90 days (or a year if you want) to read and apply the

principles of the Law of Attraction to your life every day. Really apply the

principles, do the exercises, and if you still aren’t satisfied that you’re living your

best life ever, then let me know and I’ll refund every penny you’ve paid for the

eBook and all the bonuses.

But I don’t want you to return the eBook or any of the bonuses to me. Instead, I

want you to pass them along to someone else—someone else who might benefit

from the teachings. It’s that simple.




JUST $19.97

So, how do you go about living a more spiritual, joy-

filled, happy life?

 Learn everything you can about the Law of Attraction and how it can work in your life.

Follow the easy step-by-step formula that you’ll find in the pages of the Law of Attraction for

Everyday Living, then practice the principles every day. Order the eBook and get all the bonuses


 Learn and benefit from each of the bonus items included with the eBook. You’ll find you

have much to be grateful for when you use EFT to manifest faster, are happy everyday, and find

the life of abundance you’ve longed for and know that you deserve.

 Make the time and the space for nourishing your spirit every single day. Be still and listen.

Perhaps you’ll want to meditate or simply sit in silence for a few minutes. Perhaps you’ll want to

read something that’s spiritually uplifting like Law of Attraction for Everyday Living. The

important thing is to do something every day that helps you get in touch with your inner self.

 Say “thank you” about everything. Yes, everything. Make it a habit to be in joyful acceptance of

the many miracles that manifest in every area of your life—your finances, your relationships, your

career—every single day.

 Stop begging and bargaining with the Universe. You’ll find, as you gradually change your way

of thinking, as you gradually change your habits and limiting beliefs that have taken years to form

in your mind that you’ll just naturally start to live a more joy-filled life of grace and ease.

Nothing’s hard anymore.

 Serve your community. As you begin to notice these profound changes in your life, you’ll

naturally want to start sharing what you’ve learned with other people. Do that. Sharing and

teaching is the best way to solidify something you are learning yourself.

 Study books of wisdom. In addition to the Law of Attraction for Everyday Living eBook, which

will give you a wonderful foundation on which to build your brand new life, read other books

about the Law of Attraction and spiritual ideas. Listen to audio recordings. You’ll find that as you

get into the flow of living in grace and ease, that the answers to the questions you have will show

up at just the perfect moments.




You’re about to start on a life-altering journey. A journey that will take you to a way of living that brings

you joy, happiness, contentment, and abundance and prosperity every single day the sun comes up. It just

doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your many successes — big and small — when you become a

deliberate attractor.

With best wishes for your best life ever,

Marty Marsh

P.S. Nothing saddens me more than to see so many people caught up in the junk and the drama that clutter

their lives; the junk that gets in the way of them living life with joy and in happiness —all the time. It IS

possible to live with grace and ease every single day if you know how. But it takes time to undo all the

mess we’ve lived with up ‘til now, so now’s the time to start making changes. Order this eBook, Law of

Attraction for Everyday Living, and you’ll be starting on a new path in just minutes after reading it and

applying the principles to your own life.

P.P.S. Folks who have started applying the principles from the book into their own lives have already been

benefiting from all the tips, tools and practical wisdom found in the pages of Law of Attraction for

Everyday Living especially from the items found in Chapter 7. Life-changing things are happening to

people when they change just a few simple things in their everyday lives. Please order now and take

advantage of all the bonuses being offered as well.



FOR JUST $19.97

You get the eBook, Law of Attraction for

Everyday Living, plus all the bonuses

listed above all for just $19.97 US. There’s

no shipping to pay and you don’t have to

wait for the mailman to deliver a set of

bulky notebooks. Every file is available for

immediate download as soon as you


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