Future Proof Your Business…


Dear Independent Professional or Business Owner:

Is this something you’ve heard yourself say before?

“How do I find the money to keep doing what I love in my business — and to grow it? And how do I keep a steady stream of clients who pay me what I’m worth — instead of just living day to day and being beholden to the randomness of people wanting my services?”

For the longest time I spent almost all of my time trying to figure out the best ways to market my business.

I just needed more clients.

And I figured that if enough money was always coming in to keep me just ahead of the bills, then I was doing okay.

But I was never okay. It was feast or famine.

So I’d just market some more.

Email marketing. Direct mail marketing. Speaking. Teaching teleclasses. Doing webinars.

And all that was good stuff. It was necessary stuff.

I just figured I needed to do more of it. So that’s what I did.

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

It was all I thought about. It was all I was doing.

And still, I was barely keeping my head above water.

And then I discovered that…

My problem wasn’t a marketing problem at all.

It was a BUSINESS problem.

For starters, I wasn’t paying attention to the MONEY side of things. I figured if I just kept working harder then the money would just take care of itself. I was always in survivor mode.

I didn’t know I could actually DECIDE how much money I wanted to make.

You see, I’m one of those folks who doesn’t like to deal with money.

Oh, I love having it. And I always want more of it. I just don’t like having to think about it or make plans for how I’m going to get more of it.

But by leaving it up to chance, I never knew what kind of income I was going to have each month.

By leaving it up to chance, I was denying myself the opportunity to actually earn MORE than just what I needed each month.

One thing I’ve always hated hearing (and that’s because it is the truth) is that, if I wanted to really be successful, I would have to FOCUS.

Focus, to me, meant giving up all the great ideas I have and would be limiting myself. I had no idea that FOCUS means LIBERATION!

And while I was marketing like crazy, there was no rhyme nor reason for it. There was no method behind my madness, and truly, what I was doing was the definition of madness.

I was doing what I call “scatter-shot” marketing. Just getting everything I knew to do out there without a plan or a purpose.

Other than, “I gotta make some money.”

And then I discovered the 9 Best Practices
for Growing my Business.

The nine best practices fall under 3 big categories:

Money. Focus. Marketing.


  • Best Practice #1 – Track your numbers properly and
  • Best Practice #2 – Know your numbers


  • Best Practice #3 – Create the profile of your ideal week,
  • Best Practice #4 – Maintain your daily focus and
  • Best Practice #5 – Develop your will-do list


  • Best Practice #6 – Execute a mix of new contact strategies,
  • Best Practice #7 – Leverage your database,
  • Best Practice #8 – Navigate your internet game plan, and
  • Best Practice #9 – Listen carefully, respond appropriately

Once I started actively using the 9 Best Practices in my business, things started to change for the better.

And I know if you learned the best practices that they could make a huge difference in your business as well.

These best business practices are now so key to the success of my business or practice — and so important for YOU to learn and implement — that I want to teach you how to utilize each one so that you can…

  • Grow your business
  • Take a salary from your business
  • Attract and keep only your perfect-fit clients, who pay you what you’re worth
  • And do it all with your fun meter on max and with the right balance between your work and home life.

That’s why I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discover and growth that will take you far into the future…


Growing Your Business:
Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business

In just 90 days, you CAN have the business of your dreams.

(Yeah, I know it sounds clichéd, but it’s true.)

In this course, we’ll go in-depth with each of the 9 Best Practices as well implement the best strategies to guarantee your business success well into the future.

Even though everything is simple to implement once you get it, each topic requires a deeper discussion and exploration and demonstration in order for you to most effectively embody it. And to put the 9 best practices into action.

These 90 days could be the most
important time you’ll ever spend…

…focusing on growing your business.

Because the rewards will continue to come months and years down the road. That’s why I call it future-proofing your business.

Here’s what you can expect….

The program starts on Monday, May 5th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

We’re going to meet as a group once a week for the entire 90-days. There will be lots of time for us to engage with each other so I can personally guide you and help you. This is not one of those classes where I show and teach and then forget about you until the next class.

You’ll have access to me the whole time. And anyone who has been in any of my classes before will tell you that we work together as much as you want and need. It’s like getting me as your private coach without the private coaching expense.

How many times have you just wished that you could call somebody to get your questions answered around a tricky marketing strategy or a plan you’re making? To have access to someone you can say, “what should I do here?”

Well you can do that during this course.

Plus you’ll get a full private 90-minute session with me to focus just on you and your business.

You’ll get a numbers tracking tool, you’ll get a focus tool, and both are going to be instrumental in helping you reach your optimistic number each month. And have fun while doing it. These tools make keeping up with the numbers like a game.

If you’ve been saying you are going to create a business and marketing plan that you can follow to make your life easier, but you haven’t yet gotten around to it, then this course is definitely for you.

In the end you’ll have your own business management structure in place that you just keep working with month after month.

And that includes a full marketing plan, designed around your unique business and your own unique personality. Not every marketing strategy works well for each person. You’ll discover what does work well for YOU.

My big goal for you is to be able to start taking a salary if you currently aren’t doing so. Your business is going to run smoother and your life in general will run better, too. Remember, it’s all about creating a work/life balance and that IS possible.

And, unlike most high priced business coaches out there, I’ve made this an affordable program so everyone can take advantage of it.

It’s just 3 payments of $275. Now for some of you, even that may feel like a stretch. But here’s the deal. You have to decide at some point what it is worth to you to actually get a handle on your business.

All classes will be recorded so you’ll never miss a thing. And you can go back and listen as many times as you like. There will be bonus items that will enhance your experience and plenty of resources that will get you where you want to go faster.

I have people ask all the time, “where do I find the money to invest in and grow my business?”

Well, you earn that money. It’s as simple as that. Your return from this program has to be way more than what you invest in it.

You get clear in your business, you start marketing on a consistent basis using strategies that actually work for you. You implement these best practices and the money starts to show up.

And let’s face it, you always find the money — somehow — to buy the things you consider to be important.

And I believe there is no better or more important investment than what you make in your business.

I’d be delighted to have you join me in this course, so long as you know that my main goal is to ensure that you have the kind of business you want when the 90 days is over. That it is already making more money for you. And that you can actually start taking a salary from it.

If you could make the kind of money you want, just
think of all the good you can do for yourself AND the world.

If you need to talk to me about it further, to see if this is really a good opportunity for you, then I’m happy to do that. Just schedule some time with me at timewithmarty.com and we’ll discuss it.

What I’m going to share with you is not revolutionary. None of it is a big secret. It is just a simple and practical way to look at and manage your business that will allow you to get off that revenue roller coaster — which is never a fun ride — and to grow your business to the level of success that you’ve been promised, but that you never seem to attain.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this program…

  • How to get off the revenue roller coaster once and for all… so you can put more money in your pocket.
  • How to run your business like the real business owner you are!
  • How to attract, keep, and expand your relationships with your perfect-fit clients and customers.
  • What you need to do in order to take your practice or business to a new level of success.

Register-Now-ScruffieWant to save $30 and pay in full?

(This is what I live to do! Teaching, sharing, and connecting is my passion.)

All the best
For your success,
Marty Marsh

Have questions? I’m available, Mon. – Fri., 9am – 4pm Pacific Time. 760-835-3854.