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Marty Marsh

What I Believe…

  • I Believe… in being of service to humanity
  • I Believe… in listening carefully and responding appropriately
  • I Believe… in talking with people not at them
  • I Believe… in taking appropriate action
  • I Believe… in knowing when to say “no” — and when to say “yes”
  • I Believe… in being kind, no matter what
  • I Believe… you should be able to speak with your coach whenever you need them
  • I Believe… in answering the phone and helping whomever is on the line — whether a client, a prospect, or a salesperson
  • I Believe… success is not scarce — everyone is called to success but not everyone answers
  • I Believe… in asking questions to gain clarity
  • I Believe… in purpose instead of power
  • I Believe… in meaning over money
  • I Believe… in giving full value to my clients
  • I Believe… in under-promising and over delivering
  • I Believe… in the importance of sharing my knowledge and expertise
  • I Believe… in the sacredness of the bond created between myself and my clients
  • I Believe… that I’m here to help guide you to your most extraordinary life and business
  • I Believe… heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs are here to change the world