“I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, consultant, and mentor.” — Kim Scanlan

Embrace your “smallness” and your uniqueness for all it’s worth. Big companies can’t build relationships like you can. You have an advantage and following up is one way you leverage it.

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What this short report will teach you…

  • 7 Steps you can take to effectively follow-up that will make you a welcome guest with any prospect, customer, or client
  • How not to fear the phone
  • How to use the mail for soft-selling yourself, your products and your programs
  • How social media makes following up and building relationship a breeze
You know what they say: “Your fortune is in the follow-up.” Follow-up with confidence to find your fortune!

About the Author

Marty Marsh… …believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. He specializes in helping you to attract your perfect-fit clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve.

Kind Words from Marty’s Students and Clients

I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, consultant, and mentor; he shines in all three roles. Kimberly A. Scanlan Marty’s style of teaching is outstanding!! He knows marketing and is willing to share what works as well as what doesn’t along with an abundance of resources. I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone looking to improve his or her marketing approach and skills. Patricia Magoffin Marty Marsh is a wealth of marketing information. He really gives his all to his students who leave his classes with a firm foundation in the topic and the tools to move forward.  Thank you, Marty. It is obvious that you really care! Linda DeCarlo