Writing an eBook is Not
As Hard As You Think!

Let Me Show You Step-By-Step
How YOU Can
Create Your Very Own
eBook And Start Making Money
As Soon As Next Week

MartyMarshInboxWearyJune 25th 2022

From: Marty Marsh

Re: Writing an ebook is not as hard as you think

Dear Future Wealthy eBook Author:

I’ve got good news for you…

Creating an eBook is not as hard as you think! I’m going to guide you step-by-step all the
way from your great idea to a finished ebook…

That’s right! Just give me an hour and I’ll show you exactly how you can write an eBook
start to finish — and sell it too. Of course, you may have some questions.

First of all, let’s answer a question that might have been holding you back:

Why write an eBook in the first place?

Yes, as in any worthwhile endeavor there’s some work involved, so you probably need a
really compelling reason for going through with your eBook writing project, especially if
you believe it’s a difficult and complicated process (which it won’t be once you get my
guide). Still, let’s ask…

Why WOULD you want to write an eBook?

Well, here are just a few of the really good reasons why:

  • You want a lead generator to attract leads and clients so you can build your business
  • You want the added credibility that being the author of a book can give you
  • You want to make money — preferably on autopilot
  • You want to build your own online business and know you need your own products.
    (And ebooks are the perfect way to get started!)
  • You’re tired of trading your time for dollars. Instead, you want to work once and get
    paid for it over and over again

As you can see, these are good reasons to get started on your own eBook. Or two,
or ten! There’s no limit to how many eBooks you can put out there. But let’s slow down and
start with your first one…

Maybe you’re still a bit wary. Writing a BOOK sounds like so much work. Will you
be able to do it? Maybe you barely made it through high school English class alive.

Fear not!

If you can talk, you can write

If you can talk, you can write. And in this guide, I’m going to take you by the hand and
show you how you can create your own eBook in short order, more easily and quickly than
you ever thought possible.

How quickly?

Well, that depends on you. I could tell you it’ll take just a week, and it can certainly be
done in that time, but I don’t have control over the key part: You.

Yes, there’s a catch…

I can show you the way, but I can’t make you do the work.

 If you follow my
instructions though, your eBook will be finished and ready to make you money much
more quickly than you have ever imagined. And yes, you can do it in a week, even if
you didn’t get straight A’s in high school English class.

You can write your own eBook even if…

  • You don’t consider yourself a “writer”
  • You don’t know where to start
  • The mere idea of writing a whole eBook gives you hives

Go ahead and keep reading, and you’ll discover it’s not as bad as you thought.

Let me give you a few reasons

1) You won’t have to write the Great American Novel

When it comes to eBooks, you do not have to write the Great American Novel or
anything resembling it. People don’t want to read “War & Peace” in an eBook format.
They don’t pay by the pound, or by the page, at least to a point.

Of course, you do want to make sure you give your audience exactly what they want,
quickly and in an easy-to-digest format.

And here’s the good news: “quickly” means that your eBook doesn’t need to have
nearly as many pages as you probably thought.

2) You won’t need the world’s most original material

Maybe you’re worried about not having anything really new to say.

Think about it. There are not very many things in this world that haven’t been written
about many times before. So why add yet another book about stress management,
or about making money online, or about how to write an eBook?

Here’s why:

Each eBook offers a different perspective, with different specific details, written in
a different voice. People who like one eBook may not like another. This means there’s
room for lots of eBooks; told from each author’s experience and point of view.

And here’s another reason why yet another book might be just the ticket: People
don’t buy just one! If they are passionate about a subject, they usually buy multiple eBooks.
One of them could well be yours.

I’m going to show you just what it takes
to write an ebook people want to buy.


Here are just some of the things you’ll discover…

  • How to make sure that the eBook you’ll write will sell — before you even start writing
  • A simple roadmap so you can create your eBook easily and quickly
  • How to get over the intimidation factor
  • How to eliminate writer’s block
  • How to get the “hard” part done without too much trouble, plus a few cool shortcuts
    to make it even easier
  • How to make your eBook look great inside and out
  • How to make money with your eBook (and not just by selling it)

This is the kind of “how to write 
an eBook”
I wish I’d had 
when I wrote
my first eBook…

In short, this is the kind of “how to write an eBook” guide I wish I’d had when I wrote my
first eBook. It would have saved me a lot of time and self-torture! (And you know what? I
refer to it again because I produce a LOT of eBooks!)

It’s filled with all the tips and tricks and shortcuts that will make what might
seem a daunting task into a manageable and even fun experience.

One that you might want to repeat – especially once you get some money coming in.

Order today, June 25th 2022 and get a BONUS ebook
at no additional charge!

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