Woman Thinking and WritingAs a business and marketing coach/mentor, I work primarily with solo entrepreneurs — people who think of themselves as “soul” proprietors — and other self-employed professionals and independent contractors in the helping professions — coaches, therapists, healing professionals, holistic practitioners, and other heart-based, soul-centered business owners — who love the work they do and need to attract more clients and customers.

You are, no doubt, very good at what you do. You know that what you offer is valuable to your clients. You know they would be better off with what you offer. You know you could enjoy more success if you could attract not only more clients but also the kind of clients that are perfect for you.

You know you’re smart enough to learn how to market your business with the guidance of a patient teacher but you have no idea how or where to start the marketing process.

Does this sound like you?

Congratulations! You’ve just hung out your shingle and now you’re self-employed. But you never gave much thought to how you were going to attract clients. You figured that, somehow, clients would just find you because you offer such a great service. You managed to get your hands on a great list of prospects, but the idea of picking up the phone to make “cold calls” terrifies you. So you sit and wait for the phone to ring — and it doesn’t.


You’ve been around a while and you’ve had some luck getting some great word-of-mouth so you’ve been able to keep pretty busy, but you still have some lean times, and you know you could be attracting a lot more business. You’ve read about marketing in some books, and you’ve surfed the Internet for marketing ideas. You get a deluge of e-mail newsletters asking you to buy even more e-books and programs that will surely have all the right answers, but all you’re feeling is overwhelmed and even more frustrated and you’re afraid that you won’t do it right. You have no idea where to actually start. You surely can’t afford to hire somebody to do it for you. So you do nothing. You’ll think about it again tomorrow.

Or maybe…

You’ve been invited to attend a networking mixer by your local Chamber of Commerce. You get all dressed up and have a pocketful of business cards and an empty pocket for all the business cards you’re going to get, and then someone asks you what you do. You stumble. You stammer. You start telling them all about how you do what you do. You see their face glaze over and they start looking for an escape. You know you just blew your first networking opportunity.


You’ve been invited to speak about what you do to the local Rotary Club. You have to speak on Wednesday morning at 7:45 and it’s already Monday afternoon. You have no idea what you want to say or how best to get your point across in the 20 minutes or so they’ve given you to speak. Besides, speaking in front of a crowd absolutely terrifies you. You’re wondering why you said “yes” in the first place. Yet, you know there are some key prospects that will be in that audience and you want to reach them.

Or maybe even…

You’ve got permission from a number of prospects who are eager to partake of your wisdom through an e-mail newsletter, but you’re afraid you’re not a writer and you don’t want to look foolish. You have enough content ready to go for a couple of newsletters or eZines but you have no idea what you’re going to say after that, and you have to e-mail these things on a regular basis, right? How will you ever come up with enough good stuff to fill a newsletter consistently? Or to find the time to actually do it?

Or perhaps…

You’ve been able to attract a number of prospects. You have their phone numbers, their e-mail addresses and you know they have at least some interest in what you’re offering. You know you need to follow-up with them all but you don’t have a brochure and you don’t yet have a Website. You know you could create a brochure or a flyer on your computer but you have no idea what to say. You know you should just pick up the phone and call them but you don’t know what to say if they answer. Or, you somehow find the courage to pick up the phone and call and you get their voice mail. What do you do now? Hang up? Leave a message? What do you say in a message? What do you do if they don’t call you back? What do you say if they DO call you back?

Or how about…

You’ve made a commitment to start marketing your business. You’ve created a plan. You’ve marked off time in your day-planner to get the ball rolling. You get started but then the phone rings. Hey it’s a client! You drop everything to start work on his project. You say “tomorrow I’ll get back to the marketing plan.” Tomorrow comes. You spend most of the morning answering e-mail and following a link to a great new site about “how to market a small business.” You say “tomorrow I’ll get back to the marketing plan.” You realize that you’re not getting anything done and know that you need to better manage your time, but you just can’t seem to get a handle on your day.

If some of these scenarios sound like you, then that’s great! You definitely will benefit from the programs and coaching services I offer…

However, you’ll be most successful working with me if…

People holding winning cupYou’re highly motivated. You’re tired of the status quo, you’re tired of getting all fired up about getting some marketing done only to crash and burn again and again. But at last you’re ready to take a good hard look at what is stopping you, finding your blocks and getting past them and making the effort it will take to make some real progress. You were smart enough to start your business and you’re smart enough to make it a success.

You’re open to trying some new ideas. You may have been putting in some effort already but you’re not getting the results you imagined. You’re willing to explore new ideas, new methods and some new territory. You’re willing to admit that maybe what you’re doing might be missing the mark. You’re willing to ask for some help and you’re willing to be open-minded about what you hear.

You’re willing to put in the time and make the effort. You’ve heard the old saying “work smarter, not harder?” Well, working smarter is certainly a great way to go but sometimes it does require just some good old-fashioned hard work, discipline and commitment. The first step is to create a solid foundation. If you’re willing to create a great foundation, the work will just get easier and easier.

You’re willing to commit your valuable resources to a marketing program and sticking with it until you get results. You know the results you want, I’ll help you find the ways and the means to get them. Effective marketing isn’t accomplished in a day but there’s no reason why you can’t get started today. The sooner the work starts, the quicker the clients will show up.

You’re comfortable learning over the phone. Most of my coaching/mentoring and learning programs are geared toward working virtually via the telephone and the Internet. You’re comfortable working with and being supported by other members of my team and technology does not scare you.

You want more out of your life than just working. Your work is a means to an end. And working can even be lots of fun. Doing work that you truly enjoy — work that is paying you what you want and need — will lead you to more balance and happiness in the rest of your life. You’ve already tried a lot of things and you know you could be doing better. You know that all that’s holding you back now is the knowledge and the guidance to move forward.

Want to find out how you can create a fun, profitable and world-changing business? Even if you’ve been self-employed for a long time? Or even if you’re just starting out?


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Meet Marty

Meet MartySoul Proprietor. Huge Adele fan. Email and Direct Mail Marketing Specialist. Lover of all things marketing. Creator of the Stay-in-Touch Marketing System. Graphic designer. Printer.


My Motto:

"As a Soul Proprietor, I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I work to inspire those around me to do the same."

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What I Believe…

I Believe…

  • in being of service to humanity
  • in listening carefully and responding appropriately
  • in talking with people not at them
  • in taking appropriate action
  • in knowing when to say “no”
  • in being nice, no matter what
  • you should be able to speak with your coach whenever you need them
  • in answering the phone and helping whomever is on the line — whether a client, a prospect, or a salesperson
  • success is not scarce — everyone is called to success but not everyone answers
  • in asking questions
  • in purpose instead of power
  • in meaning over money
  • in giving full value to my clients
  • in going under-promising and over delivering
  • in the importance of sharing my knowledge and expertise
  • in the sacredness of the bond created between myself and my clients
  • that I’m here to help guide you to your most extraordinary life and business
  • heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs are here to change the world