The Secret to Running a Successful
and Profitable
Heart-Centered Business

Dear Soul Proprietor,

Have you ever become so frustrated with something (and how poorly it is done) that you just had to jump in and create something better?

That’s me. I’ve been so frustrated with so-called coaching programs that really give you no coaching at all — so much so that I decided I had to create and offer my own.

Perhaps you’re like me, and maybe…

You, too, have spent hundreds of dollars – maybe even thousands of dollars – on group coaching programs that didn’t deliver as they promised?

Perhaps you thought you’d be learning things that would actually help you develop and grow your business but if you didn’t know the right question to ask, you were still left wondering what to do first and next and then next?

Or perhaps you signed on for a program, eagerly anticipating engaging with the coach only to discover that the only engagement you get is through a video, and if you’re lucky, you can get a question answered (maybe) by email?

I don’t want to live and work in a business world like that anymore.

I’m so tired of business coaches and program developers who care only about their own bottom line, who charge large sums of money, but are never available to actually do any coaching.

I’m so tired of programs that promise the moon, then deliver a few videos and a Facebook Group and say “Here, go figure this out on your own.”

I’m so tired of hyped up business and marketing programs that promise an easier path but instead leave you totally on your own to make anything happen.

I DO want to live in a business world where program offerings are honest and up front about what you get, where you don’t have to go it alone just because you don’t have the big bucks to join, and where you can have the opportunity to actually call your coach to ask a question without having to pay for a 3-hour session when just 5 minutes would do.

I want to live and work in a world where every business person, coach, entrepreneur and solo-entrepreneur are as successful as they choose to be. Both materially and spiritually.

I want to live and work in a world where managing a business — including marketing — does not have to be so hard.

I want to live in a world where it is easier for those who have chosen to serve humanity through running a business to reach the right people at the right time to solve the right problems.

The Secret to Running a Successful and Profitable Business?

Not having to go it all alone!

So, I’ve created a spectacular ongoing LIVE group coaching program called the

Gold Inner Success Circle for Soul Proprietors

It’s all about helping you become the success you want to be in your business. (And your life.)

Inner Success Circle Logo Graphic

What makes the Gold Inner Success Circle for Soul Proprietors so different?

Plain and simple: Support and Accessibility.

  • Yes, you get training.
  • Yes, you get great information.
  • Yes, you get support and accountability. (We meet online every week.)
  • Yes, you get me. Not a surrogate. Not a stand-in.

In “The Circle”, as it has become known, we put our emphasis on 4 crucial areas for life and business success and the areas that are the most challenging for the self-employed:

  • Money.
  • Focus.
  • Marketing.
  • Well-Being.

We do that through…

  • A weekly coaching and accountability call where you can share your successes and challenges, ask for help, get any business and marketing questions you have answered, and often, get doors opened for you in unexpected ways.
  • A monthly training call covering topics ranging from productivity and time management, to money management, to marketing, to business development and management, to your good health and well-being.
  • A private space where you and the other participants in the program can connect and chat and help each other. You can promote yourself, you can ask for help, you can make commitments and get into action.
  • Regular weekly office hours where you can call me and ask questions, run stuff by me, get advice, just talk — however you want to spend the time.
  • And, within reason, you can reach out to me via email or Skype message and get my feedback, advice, and suggestions on whatever things you need help with in the moment.
    What I’ve have discovered, more often than not, is that what small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs really want from a business coach is often just a quick answer to a specific question, and they want this without having to pay an exorbitant fee and having to wait around for a weekly, monthly or quarterly private coaching call.
  • And a few surprises thrown in here and there from time to time: special reports, ebooks, fun and free goodies, checklists, workbooks, and cheat sheets.

Christine Clifton, of Mindful Business Matters, sums it up better than I can:

“I really enjoy being a part of Marty’s Inner Success Circle. It’s very grounding to start my week by joining a trusted circle of fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs. Not only do we share about our businesses, we get to know each other personally as well. The calls are succinct, supportive, and motivating—my fellow soul proprietors inspire me! I recommend the Gold ISC to any business owner who wants a supportive program — for themselves personally, and for their business.”

If you’d love to have a support team at your beck and call, if you’d like first-class training delivered live, if you’d like to have a business that can be both fun and fulfilling (for you and those you serve) then I invite you to join my Gold Inner Success Circle.

As a Charter Member, your membership due are just $44 each month for as long as you want to be a part of the group.

The ISC Gold Group meets together every Monday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Pacific)


It would be such an honor to have you as part of my Gold Inner Circle.

Of course, if you have any questions about the program and how it works and whether it will be of benefit to you, you are welcome to give me a call (see below) or send an email and I’ll answer any questions you have. You never have to worry about any hard-sell with me. This program is either for you or it’s not. I just want you to have every opportunity to make a good decision.

My Best,


Marty Marsh
Call me: 206-290-7901
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