Kind Words

A Marty Marsh workshop is unlike any other you might attend. You will be informed, yes. You will be entertained and amused by stories and anecdotes, yes. But Marty’s communication skills are such that you will enjoy every moment, and leave sated but wanting – not more of the same, but a taste of something similar, but different. I find that Marty’s repertoire is an exploration of marketing and business common sense that makes sense; each workshop I hold with him seems to be more popular than the one before, and we continue to find larger and larger audiences for his presentations. I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, consultant, and mentor; he shines in all three roles.

Kimberly Scanlan

Training Coordinator, Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center

I am so glad that I decided to give myself the  gift of contacting you on my birthday. I have had – for more years than I care  to share – this desire to create a business for myself that is a truer reflection of my heart than what I have been engaged in for the past 15  years. Your website, free guides, and your genuinely warm and helpful attitude that showed through on those pages captivated my interest.

I thought that  some day I would like to hire you as both a coach and marketing expert to help me move ahead with achieving my desires. I must say that hiring you  was one of the wisest things I have ever done! From our communications via email and by phone; your generosity with extra time when appropriate; and the unexpected gifts of relevant books, CDs, and magazines; your unwavering support, has helped me to attain my  goals.

So, Coach Marty, you were absolutely great to work with. Thank you from  the bottom of my heart!

May your life be ever blessed with peace and  love,

Ralph Clemments

“Marty’s style of teaching is outstanding!! He knows marketing and is willing to share what works, as well as what doesn’t, along with an abundance of resources. I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone looking to improve his or her marketing approach and skills.”

Patricia Magoffin


“Marty Marsh is a wealth of marketing information. He really gives his all to his students who leave his classes with a firm foundation in the topic and the tools to move forward.  Thank you, Marty. It is obvious that you really care!”

Linda DeCarlo

British Columbia, Canada

“We have been working with Marty Marsh for over a dozen years now. Marty has a way of turning basic ad copy into MAGIC! He has taught us how to create advertisements that elicit tremendous response from the consumer.”

Timothy J. Feuling


“I now know what steps I need to take to market my business to beautiful success. Marty’s classes gave me more confidence and excellent tools to begin to bring my business to the level I desire.”

Jennifer Bailey


“I’m new to my own business and the thought of marketing scared me.  Marty broke the process down so it’s not so scary anymore.

Diane Rehfeld

Seattle, Washington

“Marty shares some dynamic material with those in his classes, and he makes it so it is relevant to each person, no matter what their specific marketing needs are. When you finish the class  you really feel as if you have a blueprint of how to put your marketing plan into place.”

Joyce Fortier

Novi, Michigan

Meet Marty

Meet MartySoul Proprietor. Huge Adele fan. Email and Direct Mail Marketing Specialist. Lover of all things marketing. Creator of the Stay-in-Touch Marketing System. Graphic designer. Printer.


My Motto:

"As a Soul Proprietor, I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I work to inspire those around me to do the same."

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Mentor With Marty…


What I Believe…

I Believe…

  • in being of service to humanity
  • in listening carefully and responding appropriately
  • in talking with people not at them
  • in taking appropriate action
  • in knowing when to say “no”
  • in being nice, no matter what
  • you should be able to speak with your coach whenever you need them
  • in answering the phone and helping whomever is on the line — whether a client, a prospect, or a salesperson
  • success is not scarce — everyone is called to success but not everyone answers
  • in asking questions
  • in purpose instead of power
  • in meaning over money
  • in giving full value to my clients
  • in going under-promising and over delivering
  • in the importance of sharing my knowledge and expertise
  • in the sacredness of the bond created between myself and my clients
  • that I’m here to help guide you to your most extraordinary life and business
  • heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs are here to change the world