Let’s put our heads together…

You have your own definition of success.
So when it comes to running your business
and ——— more importantly ——— marketing your
business or practice…

One size does NOT fit all.

Everything you’ll find here at MartyMarsh.com is designed to help you discover smarter and easier — low-cost, heart-centered, high-impact — ways to market and operate your business or practice — with law of attraction principles at the core. I also believe that being in business is supposed to be fun, so my coaching and my programs are designed with a fun component built right in.

You can mix-and-Match the best combination of ways that work best for you, from the list below.

Teleclasses. Gathering together on the telephone with a like-minded group of people is an affordable and time-saving way to learn dynamic ways to market your business. I’ve been professionally trained to lead teleclasses so that participants receive maximum value for both their time and money.

I offer a variety of complimentary teleclasses as well as tuition-based teleseminars and teleworkshops, sometimes for an hour, sometimes over a period of weeks, depending on the topic.

Every teleclass offers high value and useful, practical, easy-to-implement information, in a high participation environment. You also receive a wide variety of supporting materials to accompany each teleclass and once you’ve taken a teleclass or teleseminar one time, you can attend that class again whenever it is offered, anytime you wish at no charge (depending on current class size and space availability).

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The Soul Proprietor Success Center. An online community of like-minded soul proprietors gather here to exchange ideas, network, and to learn dynamic ways to market their businesses through teleclasses, workshops, and newsletters, along with a variety of useful forms that members can download to help in operating a more efficient business or practice. Your Success Center membership includes a variety of programs, audios, eBooks, special reports, motivational gems, and other learning opportunities that non-members pay for. Members also receive discounts on all products and services not included in the membership.

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Marketing That Works! Newsletter. A “printed” newsletter that you may receive in the mail or by PDF download, designed to keep you up-to-date on the best ways to market and manage your soul-based business including interviews and advice from today’s leading heart-centered marketers.

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One-to-One Mentoring & Coaching. For those who work best in a one-to-one coaching situation, I work with a limited number of mentoring and coaching clients on a space- and time-available basis. This can sometimes be your fastest way to success. For those who work best having someone to “hold their feet to the fire,” so-to-speak, the one-to-one mentoring and coaching option is an ideal way to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Success Center members enjoy a substantial discount on one-to-one coaching and preferred status in scheduling appointments.

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Marketing That Works! eZine and Blog. Marty’s Marketing That Works! eZine and Blog bring you timely tips, tools, strategies, and techniques for marketing your business and being a Soul Proprietor. The blog is frequently updated to bring you late-breaking news, alerts about classes, and commentary on the state of business and marketing today. You are encouraged to participate by posting your comments at the blog.

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Videos, Audios, eBooks, and Special Reports. I frequently publish a variety of eBooks and Special Reports, many with accompanying audio and video programs. Many items are free to the general public – most are free to Success Center members – and some have a nominal purchase price.

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Live Soul Proprietor Workshops. If in-person, classroom style participation is how you learn best, check my schedule for when I’m coming to a town near you. These half-day and full-day workshops and retreats are intensive and fast-paced. You come away with a lot of useful marketing and business information in a short amount of time.

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All of my programs offer flexibility. You and your business are very unique and there’s no way that a canned program will even come close to meeting your needs. That’s why, even though all of my program are either conducted in group settings or as self-paced programs, each one is designed so that you get personalized attention for your specific situation and needs. You always receive as much individualized and personal help ad I can give you.

Sound like fun? Sound like an approach that would work for you? Then let’s get busy.

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You’ll be most successful working with Marty and his team if…

You’re highly motivated. You’re tired of the status quo, you’re tired of getting all fired up about getting some marketing done only to crash and burn again and again. But at last you’re ready to take a good hard look at what is stopping you, finding your blocks and getting past them and making the effort it will take to make some real progress. You were smart enough to start your business and you’re smart enough to make it a success.

You’re open to trying some new ideas. You may have been putting in some effort already but you’re not getting the results you imagined. You’re willing to explore new ideas, new methods and some new territory. You’re willing to admit that maybe what you’re doing might be missing the mark. You’re willing to ask for some help and you’re willing to be open-minded about what you hear.

You’re willing to put in the time and make the effort. You’ve heard the old saying “work smarter, not harder?” Well, working smarter is certainly a great way to go but sometimes it does just require some good old-fashioned hard work, discipline, and commitment. The first step is to create a solid foundation. If you’re willing to create a great foundation, the work will just get easier and easier.

You’re willing to commit your valuable resources to a marketing program and sticking with it until you get the results you want. You know the results you want, I’ll help you find the ways and the means to get them. Effective marketing isn’t accomplished in a day but there’s no reason why you can’t get started today. The sooner the work starts, the sooner the clients will show up.

You’re comfortable learning over the phone. Most of my workshops — and all of my coaching — are set up to work virtually via the telephone and the Internet. You’re comfortable working with and being supported by other members of your workshop groups and technology does not scare you.

You want more out of your life than just working. Your work is a means to an end. And working can even be lots of fun. Doing work that you truly enjoy—work that is paying you what you want and need—will lead you to more balance and happiness in the rest of your life. You’ve already tried a lot of things and you know you could be doing better. You know that all that’s holding you back now is the knowledge and the guidance to move forward.

What can I help you get started with today?