Money Clutter Class

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I have a confession to make.

MoneyPuzzle-XSmallI am terrible when it comes to dealing with money.

I’ve often said I have a “love-hate” relationship with money.

I love getting it. I love spending it. I love all the wonderful things it does for me.


I hate thinking about it. I hate managing it. I hate being bothered by it.

And worst of all, I hate all the stress that I put on myself because I hate dealing with money so much. (Sigh!)

Perhaps you love money, too, and yet find yourself in the same boat as me, wishing it could just take care of itself.

And because of that, perhaps you’ve also created some of what I call money “clutter.”

What is money clutter?

You know it’s money clutter because it feels unfinished, unresolved, messy and complicated, or it’s something you’ve been avoiding!

I’d love to help you clear up your money clutter.

This is very short notice, I know.

And, I’m asking you to get on the phone with me on a Saturday.

And I know it’s a holiday weekend in the United States, but if you can take a few minutes this coming Saturday morning (May 24) to join me for a short class on Clearing Your Money Clutter, I’d be delighted to have you join me.

AND you’ll come away feeling better about your money situation. No matter what it is. Plus you’ll get your money clutter cleared up. Even if you don’t think you have money clutter, you probably actually do.

Saturday, May 24th

at 11:00am Eastern; 10:00am Central; 9:00am Mountain; 8:00am Pacific

We’ll gather on the phone for probably no more than 45 minutes and I’ll share with you how to clear up your money clutter.

At the end, you’ll be less stressed. You’ll find you are not alone. You’ll come away with some tips and ideas that will help you get some money stuff cleaned up.

Facing money issues can be a challenge for many of us. And if you’re like me, even talking about money stuff with someone else makes me extremely uncomfortable.

The reality is, we ALL have money challenges. Even when you have a lot of it. (We tend to think that lack of money is the only challenge. Oh, no, my friends! Oh, no!)

So I just want to also assure you that this will be a very safe space. And you can come and be completely anonymous if you listen in via the webcast. No one will know who you are. Not even me, unless you want me to know.

So if you are ready to face your demons around money stuff, please join me this Saturday at 11:00 am Eastern.

I tried to schedule this to be the least disruptive to your day, but that’s a big challenge across time zones especially when I’m in the west!

I also want to introduce you to the Sacred Money Archetypes. Which have helped me totally transform my relationship with money and how that affects my business.

P. S. I promise some “aha’s” — good ones. So please join me.