Thank you for your interest in being a member of Marty’s panel during his Manifesting with Marty Hangout Show.

Manifesting with Marty Marsh on Soul Proprietor TV logoThe Show is currently hosted on Google Hangouts. Please follow the guidelines below so that you have the best experience possible while participating in the show and so that our audience enjoys the best possible experience while watching.

One strict requirement is that you show up for your participation on the panel 30-minutes before show time. That means being on the panel at 8:30 am Pacific time. If you cannot arrive ahead of time you won’t be permitted to participate in that show but can reschedule for a later show.

The purpose for coming early is so that we can do technical checks for everyone to ensure that your microphone is working properly, that your video is working properly, that you understand how to use all the controls, that your lower-third is working, that you are informed about the topic of the day’s show, to find out what is expected of you and what role you may be filling.

Above all, this should be a fun experience for you. And if you’re having fun, the audience will be having fun.

  • Follow the private panel link you receive in your email to join the panel. (Please do not share this link with anyone.)
  • It is best if you can be hardwired/directly connected to your Internet Router, or have fast wi-fi.
  • IMPORTANT: You must arrive at the show 30-minutes ahead of time. No exceptions. This will be at 8:30am Pacific time.
  • Ensure that your hair is neat, and that your make-up (if you wear it) is flawless! Ha!
  • Please use headphones or ear buds to avoid feedback and echos.
  • When you arrive on the show, move your cursor to the top of the screen and look for the black gear and check your settings. Be sure you have selected the correct camera and input and output connections.
  • Click on the Toolbox icon to the left of your screen and set up your lower-third. You won’t be allowed as a panelist without a lower third. During the prep period before the show, Marty will help you with your lower third.
  • When you are not speaking, mute yourself during the show. The Red MIC icon indicates you are on mute. Move your cursor toward the top of your screen and the menu will drop down. You may also mute your video but it is best if you do not do this.
  • When Marty calls on you by name, you will have time to UNMUTE yourself by clicking on the red MIC icon.
  • If you are unmuted, please avoid rustling or moving papers, and be aware of any unexpected noise that starts up around you.
  • Please do not drink coffee, water or other beverages while the show is live and on the air.



A sign up form will be placed here for those interested in joining me on the panel who are not yet in my “Inner Circle.”