Free Ebook: The Right Marketing Mix for Soul Proprietors

Free Ebook: The Right Marketing Mix for Soul Proprietors

If you truly want to grow your business or practice, you really must have a dynamic mix of marketing strategies — what I call cross-platform strategies — so that you can reach your perfect prospects in a variety of ways. And while you do need a nice variety of strategies to do the best job, many soul proprietors forget to plan how their chosen strategies will work together.

In this Guidebook, created just for soul proprietors like you… you’ll discover a variety of marketing strategies and tactics from which you can pick and choose only the ones that will work best for you and your unique business — the RIGHT ones — and it’s yours FREE.

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The Right Marketing Mix for Soul Proprietors

To: All Coaches and Holistic Professional Practitioners

From: Marty Marsh, Soul Proprietor

Every soul proprietor tells me the same thing: “All I want to do is help my clients. I don’t want to spend my time marketing my business.”

Granted, marketing and selling have both had a bad rap for a long time and there are still many soul proprietors who think marketing is beneath them. Worse, there are many who believe that marketing and selling is all about having to persuade people to buy something that they really don’t want.

If you feel that way, perhaps hearing Joe Vitale’s definition of marketing will make you think differently:

“Marketing is sharing your love for your product or service with the people who most want to hear about it.”

Doesn’t that feel a lot better? Can you see the difference? When you hear that definition, does it make you think that maybe marketing can be done in a way that brings integrity and passion into the mix?

I hope so, because without actively and consistently marketing your business, you won’t have a business to worry about marketing for very long.

Yes, I know you went into business to help your clients solve their problems and you’re going to get to do a lot of that.

But first, you have to attract those clients to you in the first place. Then you have to demonstrate that not only do you have the solution to the problems from which they suffer, but that you are the one person who is best at whatever you do. No persuading is necessary. If they resonate with your offerings — and with you — then they will be eager to buy the solutions you offer.

The only way to do that is by creating the right marketing mix to first, attract those people who need what you offer the most and then, staying in front of them, educating them, sharing success stories, and extolling all the reasons why you are the one with the best solution. And there are many marketing tactics from which to choose that you can use to attract your perfect clients.