Skype Open Office

Pick Marty’s Brain
via Skype
A man having a chat with a woman via Skype.Every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PACIFIC time, you are welcome to Skype with me to get answers to questions, to get to know each other, to vent, to ask advice, to get some clarity and direction with whatever you are working on. Anything you want to talk about. And it’s free as my gift to my community.

NOTE: This is your ONLY opportunity to engage with Marty 1-on-1 for free. Otherwise, regular, more in-depth consultations are available for a fee.


Simply ask to connect with me via Skype at marty.marsh.2281 and then on Wednesdays, contact me. We can talk with or without video (I promise to take a shower and comb my hair) or you may simply want to send me a text and I’ll respond by text. Sometimes this is the fastest way to get an answer to your question. If you decide to call or video, then we need to limit our time together to about 15-minutes so I can accommodate everyone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before asking to connect with me on Skype, use the Contact Form to send an email alerting me that you are asking to connect and let me know what your Skype number is. I ask you to do this because I get so many requests from “nice ladies” asking to be my friend that I don’t want to mistakenly decline your request.

Looking forward to “chatting” with you via Skype on Wednesdays.