Inspire, uplift and motivate your people with a dynamic, interactive Law of Attraction presentation by Marty Marsh

Success Spoken Here.
Also Love. Inspiration. And Happiness.

As the Speaker Coordinator you’ll be the Most Adored Person for everyone in your Group, Organization, or Congregation
when you bring them the Key to having all the Love, Happiness and Success that any of them can stand!

Looking for a speaker for your congregation, event, workshop or retreat?

Marty’s Law of Attraction Speeches and Presentations will inform, inspire, uplift and delight your audience.

“A Marty Marsh workshop is unlike any other you might attend. You will be informed, yes. You will be entertained and amused by stories and anecdotes, yes. But Marty’s communication skills are such that you will enjoy every moment, and leave sated but wanting more. I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, trainer, and mentor; he shines in all three roles.”

Kimberly Scanlan
Training Coordinator, Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center

Success comes easy when you have the
right combination of tools, strategies, and techniques.

Dear Speaker Coordinator,

Are you looking for a dynamic and interactive presentation of personal achievement and success for your audience?

Marty Marsh provides keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and personal and business achievement retreats centered around the deliberate use of the law of attraction that empower participants to create transformational impact for themselves as well as within and outside their organizations — creating positive change and growth.

Everyone is seeking one thing… Happiness.

Happiness in relationships, happiness in their careers, and happiness in their day-to-day lives.

And everyone — whether they know it or not, or believe it or not — is using the law of attraction at every moment to get everything they want — and everything they don’t want.

When they learn the easy 3-step process for using the Law of Attraction deliberately to manifest all of their desires, their happiness quotient goes up exponentially and, as if by magic, their productivity goes up at work, their relationships are improved, and their lives just work better.

(In short, the Law of Attraction is the KEY that unlocks the way for your people to get more of what they want — and less of what they don’t!)

And that’s a benefit for all. Because it becomes a repeatable circle of happiness and joy that permeates their entire lives.

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With my use of Accelerated Learning Techniques and NLP Communication Styles, I promise…

100% participation by attendees with immediate and continued engagement of all participants, plus every participant receives tools and access to resources to implement immediately — all designed to change their lives for the better.

My signature presentation, Your Extraordinary Power: How to Get More of What You Want (and Less of What You Don’t), can be delivered as a 15-minute to an hour long talk, and can be extended to a half- or full-day workshop. It is a master class in the deliberate use of the Law of Attraction and is perfect for any group, congregation, event, or retreat.

Available for Speeches, Workshops, Retreats…

  • 15-minute to Half-Hour Law of Attraction “Fill-in” Talks
  • 1-Hour Presentation on the Deliberate Use of the Law of Attraction
  • Half- and Full-Day Law of Attraction Workshops

…for your congregation, group, event or retreat.

Click Here to have a conversation with Marty about how every person in your group, organization or congregation can enjoy More Success. More Love. More Happiness.

Or just pick up the phone and let’s have a chat… 206-290-7901.

Marty Marsh has been a Law of Attraction Coach, Speaker, and Trainer since 2005. He is the author of 3 LOA eBooks, Law of Attraction for Everyday Living, The Turn Your Life Around Playbook, and 21 Days to Greater Living Using the Law of Attraction, found Here.