Marty Marsh welcomes you to Supported Self-Publishing Promote Your Business or Practice with a Book
A book designed from start to finish to promote your business or practice opens doors, establishes your expertise and generates bigger revenue.
A message from Marty Marsh…

Dear Business Owner,

Have you thought about publishing your own book to use as a marketing tool for your business?

Here are some ways your book can be used to promote your business:

  • Give prospects your book instead of your business card
  • Attract new clients by giving your prospects a copy of your book
  • Reach high-profile contacts by mailing them a copy of your book
  • Get more easily booked for speaking engagements
  • Help you land media interviews and leverage those to promote your business
  • Provide copies of your book to event sponsors and trade associations
  • Build revenue streams around your book (companion workshops, coaching programs, events or other informational products)
  • Build a following to attract readers for future books and participants for future programs
  • Create opportunities to write for magazines and guest post on websites (maybe even get paid to do so)

Not only is a book an excellent way to promote your business or coaching practice, but having a book will immediately establish you as the go-to expert in your field.

With the advent and acceptance of self-publishing — what I call Independent or Indie publishing — it has never been easier to get a business branded book published and put out to work it’s magic in the marketplace.

Since 1995 I’ve been a business and marketing coach and consultant, as well as a graphic designer. Over all this time I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve come to believe that life and work — and book publishing — should be simple, easy and fun.

I’ve ridden the wave of the book publishing industry from print only to the new age of digital publishing. As a result, I’ve watched the book publishing and marketing industry become confusing and overly complex.

While there is a plethora of information available all over the ‘net about how to write, publish and market a book for the do-it-yourselfer, it is a complicated maze to wade through.

And don’t you have better things to do with your time than to try to figure out all the intricacies of getting a book in to the marketplace? Time you could better spend in writing and connecting with your own tribe?

That’s what Supported Self-Publishing is all about.

I’ll walk and talk you through getting your book published — every step of the way — without the confusion and overwhelm that can so often happen when self-publishing.

When it comes right down to it, all business and marketing is simply about creating relationships with people — and problems get solved best by working together as a team.

I partner with:

  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Business Owners
  • Professional service providers
  • and Coaches

to seamlessly get their business-branded book out into the world!

A book that will serve not only as a dynamic marketing tool, but that will also establish you as the undisputed expert in your field.

We’ll work together to incorporate your book into your overall marketing strategy — and then publish and market your book using the best methods for you.

In the end, the clients we help self-publish their book are head over heels happy with their finished book — and use it as a powerful marketing tool in their business.

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I’m a good fit for you…

  • If you are a first-time author who wants someone to walk you through it
  • If you are a published author but this time you want someone else to handle the details of publishing your next book (or you need dynamic book marketing materials like bookmarks, postcards, newsletters and author sheets)
  • If you know that you’re ready to spend a little money to (a) make money or (b) to get exactly what you want
  • If you want help in being more strategic when marketing your book — and your business
  • If you want your publishing process to be easy and more fun

I’m probably not a good fit for you…

  • If you are a complete do-it-yourselfer and don’t want any self-publishing help
  • If you don’t trust me to use my own judgement and intuition to create an amazing looking book for you [I am a creative genius, by the way :-)]
  • If you are not committed to the full process of planning, marketing and producing your book for publication [You can’t just ‘build it and hope they come’]
  • If you are expecting only implementation and no collaboration [I have the gift of bringing out the best in you :-0]
  • If you want the cheapest of everything [you get what you pay for, you know <wink>]
  • If I care more about your book than you do [hey, why do it then?]

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