Strategy of Preeminence

Old Macintosh ComputerIt was back in the mid-80’s that I actually started my design business.

I bought one of the first models of the Macintosh computer. That was back in the days when Macs were really, REALLY expensive!

Found a client, quite by accident. Then found a few more. Well, actually they found me through referrals. I wasn’t actually doing any active marketing at the time.

I had a full time job. I mean full time!

When I went in to work in the mornings I was never sure when I’d get to go home again.

And more times than not, waiting at home for me was more work. But at least that was my own work.

That was building something for me. Not the MAN!

And I loved the hours I spent in front of that little Mac doing fun design work for fun clients.

Two of the things I enjoyed most about having my little business on the side was that I could do things MY way and I could treat my clients the way I thought they should be treated.

You may work for a corporation yourself. Or have worked for a corporation. You know that the corporation pretty much dictates how things get done. How customer policies are established. Anonymous corporate guy with a bag over his head.

In short, they pretty much tell you how to say things. What to say. How to say it. And even when not to say it.

Let’s just say I figured out early on that I am NOT a corporate kind of guy.

But I needed that corporate job. Or so I thought. And the only way I could run a business the way I thought it should be done was to start my own.

Even if it had to be on the side.

So by day I was doing things the corporate way. But at night, sometimes LATE into the night, I was doing things my way.

One of the things I loved to do was send my clients little gifts. Just to say thank you. Or to say hello and welcome.

I published my own print newsletter. We didn’t have email to play around with yet.

And yes, I published it even for just two or three clients at first. And in it I shared not just useful info but fun and entertaining stuff as well.

ThankYouStickyNoteI mailed hand-written thank you notes. I created fun graphic projects that I gave as gifts.

And one day one of my clients said to me: “I really enjoy and appreciate all the thoughtful things you do. You make us feel so special.”

And shortly after that, they turned into my biggest client. And one I would eventually work with for 25 years straight.

I was practicing a Strategy of Preeminence and I didn’t even know it.

This is a philosophy I first heard about from Andre Chaperon. He heard it from Jay Abraham. Now you’re hearing it from me.

My suggestion is that you adopt this all-encompassing “mindset” that will guide all the effort you put into marketing your business both online and offline.

Watch this video from Jay Abraham to fully understand what I’m talking about:

Jay calls this the Strategy of Preeminence. Jay says you become “… the fiduciary to your tribe, even (and especially) before money has changed hands.”

In case you’re wondering: fi·du·ci·ar·y — Involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.

That’s what I’M talking about but Jay does such a better job of explaining it than I do don’t you think? And if you really want to be successful in whatever business you are in, this is the mindset you must adopt. (Or I should say, this is the mindset that I highly suggest you adopt).

Since the mid-80’s when I started my little design business on the side, this philosophy has been the cornerstone of EVERYTHING I do in business.

Perhaps you’d like to make this strategy the cornerstone of your business. Perhaps you could use some help in implementing that. That’s what I do. Let’s talk about it.