VIP Mentoring Call

You’ve got marketing and business management questions
and Marty’s got the answers.

(Or he’ll find out who does have the answer.)

This is your chance to get coaching/mentoring/consulting that focuses on your unique problems or challenges, or if you want some clarification about something, or want some feedback for an idea you’re thinking about. And it doesn’t cost you a thing, unless you decide you want to buy Marty a beer.

Once each month, join Marty on the phone to ask your questions or to hear what questions other people have. Whatever challenge you’re facing, someone else is, too, and by you asking the question, you help someone else. And when you hear the questions they ask, you’ll learn something, too.

The call is free, but if you enjoy it and benefit from it, and you’d like, you can contribute to my beer fund: Buy Marty a Beer.