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Presented by Marty Marsh

A Marty Marsh workshop is unlike any other you might attend. You will be informed, yes. You will be entertained and amused by stories and anecdotes, yes. But Marty’s communication skills are such that you will enjoy every moment, and leave sated but wanting—not more of the same, but a taste of something similar, yet different. I find that Marty’s repertoire is an exploration of marketing and business common sense that makes sense; each workshop I hold with him seems to be more popular than the one before, and we continue to find larger and larger audiences for his presentations. I highly recommend Marty as a speaker, consultant, and mentor; he shines in all three roles.” — Kimberly A. Scanlan, Training Coordinator, Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, Palm Desert

How to Follow-Up Without Being Pushy,
Annoying or Too ‘Salesy’

60-90-minutes. There is no truer statement than “the fortune is in the follow-up.” And yet, many business people resist following up once they’ve met a warm or hot prospect primarily out of the fear of rejection or the idea that they might be bothering them. In this presentation, Marty shares his step-by-step follow-up system that leads to better relationships and more profits. Supporting handouts.

Marty’s style of teaching is outstanding!! He knows business and marketing and is willing to share what works as well as what doesn’t along with an abundance of resources. I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone looking to improve his or her marketing approach and skills.” Patricia Magoffin, California

Best Practices for Creating a
Highly-Profitable Business

3-Hours. In this Workshop, participants learn The 9 Best Practices for Creating a Highly-Profitable Business by concentrating on the three key areas crucial for business success… Money, Focus, and Marketing; discover ways to get off the revenue roller coaster, and learn to attract their perfect-fit client.

Marty Marsh is a wealth of business and marketing information. He really gives his all to his students who leave his classes with a firm foundation in the topic and the tools to move forward.  Thank you, Marty. It is obvious that you really care!” — Linda DeCarlo, British Columbia, Canada

Make Networking Work: Stop Collecting
Business Cards
and Start Making
Meaningful Connections

60-90-minutes. Traditional networking just does not work anymore. Typical networking events and the piles of business cards they produce have become a waste of time for the 21st Century successful business owner. This presentation demonstrates a new, more modern approach to networking.

I now know what steps I need to take to market my business to beautiful success. Marty’s classes gave me more confidence and excellent tools to begin to bring my business to the level I desire.” — Jennifer Bailey, California

Staying in Touch with
Prospects and Clients

Without Being Annoying, Sleazy
or Becoming a Stalker

90-minutes; or 3-Hours. To be successful in today’s business climate, savvy business owners are reaching out and staying in touch with their best prospects and clients through a variety of marketing channels. This presentation will demonstrate strategies for both online and offline. Supporting handouts.

I’m new to my own business and the thought of marketing scared me. Marty broke the process down so it’s not so scary anymore.” — Diane Rehfeld, Seattle, Washington

“When you finish Marty’s classes you have a blueprint of how to put your marketing plan into action.” — Joyce Fortier, Michigan

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