Online Love Heart on KeypadWhenever you have any long-term goal, the motivation to stick with it may ebb and flow over time. One day you’re excited to put in the work to achieve it, and the next day you may forget all about it and lose focus.

This is totally normal – but losing the love of your goals can put them further and further ahead of you. If you want to get re-motivated you have to do more than focus. You have to fall in love with your goals and ignite your passion so you can move forward.

Take a Break

When you’re hyper-focused on accomplishing something, the process may start to feel like drudgery rather than something you actually want to do. To get your goals to feel more like exciting and enjoyable opportunities again, take a break from them completely. Even if it’s just for a few hours, get away from all thoughts of your goals for a little while.

You may find that you miss them and don’t want to continue for very long without them. Much like taking a trip can increase your affection for the people left behind, taking a break from your goals can increase your passion for them.

Find Some Personal Inspiration

The better you can visualize what your life will be like when you achieve your goals, the more exciting those goals will be for you. Look around you for inspiration that can help you visualize this more clearly. Pictures in magazines and online are excellent inspiration starting points.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, chances are that someone has achieved something similar before. Find some success stories that make you feel inspired and keep a picture or two to remind you of what you can achieve.

Even a simple picture that depicts another person who displays your version of success can be an inspiration. If you need continued inspiration, make it a point to regularly search the Web for similar success stories to fuel your love for your goals and the end results they will bring you.

Keep Your Eye on the End Results

When you’re in the midst of the hard work it takes to achieve your goals, it’s easy to eventually lose sight of the bigger picture and to concentrate more on the work it takes to get to the end point. With that mindset, it’s easy to fall out of love with something that feels like an endless cycle of drudgery.

To take your mind off the journey and put it back on the destination, spend some time visualizing that destination regularly. To get an instant boost of affection for your goals, imagine what it will feel like when your goals have been reached.

I have a destination I’m trying to reach and know exactly how it will look when I get there. What is your destination?

When you focus on the finish line instead of the route, each day of your journey stops being just another day of hard work for a far-away goal and instead becomes another day closer to what you most want to achieve.

With this positive mindset, you will find some of the love and passion that brought you to your goals in the first place.


Join the conversation… what is your destination and are you totally in love with where you are going? Please share your comments in the section below.