This morning I was reading a book that reminded me of the importance of mastering the basics of marketing before attempting to try some grandiose scheme that seems like it would be a lot more fun.

Personally, I don’t care anything about football, but I love this story:

Vince Lombardi, the great and legendary football coach for the Green Bay Packers would start each season with a lecture to both the veterans and the rookies on the basics of football. He would literally hold up a football and say, “This is a football.” Then he’d extol the features of it and then talk about kicking it, carrying it, and passing it.

Then he’d take the team out to the field and he’d say, “This is a football field.” He’d then tell them all about a football field and what you do there. Apparently, he did this ritual every year even after the Packers became NFL champions and won two super bowl contests.

Just think how basic and fundamental this must have sounded to the veterans (and the rookies, too, probably), but this is one of the reasons that Vince Lombardi was such an all-time successful football coach: He never forgot the basics and he never let his players forget either.

He always began by focusing on the core fundamentals — the basics — of playing football.

Likewise, knowing exactly who your ideal client is and what makes them tick is a core fundamental — the basic of all marketing basics — that really must be addressed if you are going to know real success in your chosen business profession.

And yet, most soul proprietors that I know have skipped over this basic of basics and sit around wondering why they can’t attract clients who are fun to work with and who are willing to pay them what they’re worth.

If you’ve been operating your business on the “I’ll work with anybody if they’ve got the money to pay me” philosophy then it’s high time that you took the time to really get clear about who your clients are and, ore importantly, who you really want to work with.

We aren’t talking about just demographics here — although demographics can be very important. No, we’re really talking about getting down deep into the nitty-gritty of the psyche of the kind of client that is perfect for you and that working with them will make your heart sing.

I know first hand that it makes going to work every day a lot more fun and a lot more profitable when you’re only working with people who are a perfect fit for your unique style.

Sure you can figure this out on your own, but will you?

The clarity you gain when you get all this figured out and on paper is a tremendous boon to your success and your day-to-day well-being and the easiest and fastest way to do this is by participating in the workshop that Shirley Norwood and I are offering this coming Saturday, February 25th.

You’ll come away with an attraction plan that you will refer to over and over as you put yourself out in your marketplace.

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Gift yourself the time to do this attraction planning workshop and you’ll never regret it. In fact, you’ll find yourself using the techniques you learn in this workshop to get clarity around any project you undertake just like Shirley and I did for this workshop:

Our Attraction Plan for this Attracting Perfect Clients Workshop

  • My perfect workshop participant signs up NOW.
  • My perfect workshop participant really sees the value of the workshop and is eager to participate.
  • My perfect workshop participant knows how much fun it would be to do the workshop with a friend and invites them to sign up.
  • My perfect workshop participant loves sharing out loud.

A key fundamental of the attraction marketing plan is finding out what makes you tick (and what makes your perfect client tick, too). Here is what we discovered about ourselves relating to this workshop and what makes both of us tick:

What makes me tick when offering this workshop is being in the flow while teaching this valuable information with ease and clarity.

You may be really clear about what you expect from your clients but did you know that your clients have expectations of you, too? This is another key fundamental of an effective attraction plan that will help you show up in your business the way your clients expect.

Here’s what Shirley and I know to be true regarding what you as a participant in this workshop expect from us:

  • My perfect workshop participant expects me to be on time and prepared.
  • My perfect workshop participant expects me to use my intuition to coach.
  • My perfect workshop participant expects me to be creative in my ideas.
  • My perfect workshop participant expects me to provide tremendous value.
  • My perfect workshop participant expects my warmth to shine through.

And because we’re always looking for ways to improve whatever we’re working on, we came up with this key part of our attraction plan for this workshop:

The thing I could improve to be even more attractive to my perfect clients is to re-create my own Attraction Plan for my perfect clients in my perfect niche.

Wow! Can you see how powerful this attraction plan is? Do you feel that this is something that would be of great value to you? Are you hearing how beneficial using this technique can be for every aspect of your business or practice.

I love the clarity that comes from doing this work because the process is as much about ME as it is about the clients I’m trying to attract. And when I am a better “me” then I’m a better coach, a better business man, and a better source of great value to my clients (and the folks who aren’t my clients just yet).

If you can see the value in learning these wonderful attraction plan techniques, please join Shirley and me for this exciting, interactive, get-the-work-done workshop:

What: Attracting Perfect Clients Workshop
When: Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 (Why Saturday? Because it is typically a quiet day where you can show up, be fully present, and focus on creating the perfect attraction plan. This short amount of time out of your weekend will pay off in dividends that you likely can’t even imagine right now.)
Time: Starts at 11:00 am and ends at approximately 3:00 pm
Tuition Investment: $47 US

Register here: Attracting Perfect Clients Workshop

GUARANTEE: As with every program and workshop that I offer, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you’re in the middle of the workshop and don’t wish to continue, just let me know and I’ll cheerfully refund your full tuition. Do this. Make the time. You will be happier in your business than you’ve ever been before. There’s freedom in clarity. Get that freedom this Saturday.

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Register here: Attracting Perfect Clients Workshop