Every month there is some kind of an observance. Sometimes all month, sometimes for a week, sometimes for just a day.

Take advantage of these interesting and oddball observances by tying them in to your marketing. For example, if you’re a coach, you could tie your marketing campaign to the “Rebuild Your Life Month” observance. Offer special classes during the month and promote your life-changing program.

You could do a special promotion on “Let It Go Day, June 23.” The possibilities are endless and this gives you a chance to interject some fun into your marketing.

These are just a few of the special observances for the month of June 2012:


  • Great Outdoors Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
  • Effective Communications Month
  • Entrepreneurs “Do-It-Yourself” Marketing Month
  • National Bathroom Reading Month
  • National Candy Month
  • National Ice Tea Month
  • National Fruit and Veggies Month
  • Professional Wellness Month
  • Rebuild Your Life Month


  • National Business Etiquette Week – June 3-9
  • Men’s Health Week – June 11-17


  • Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins – June 1
  • National Go Barefoot Day – June 1
  • Father’s Day – June 17
  • Summer Solstice – June 20
  • Recess at Work Day – June 21
  • Let It Go Day – June 23

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