You may have seen these abbreviations from time to time:

B2C means Business to Consumer marketing.
B2B means Business to Business marketing.

But you may not be familiar with P2P, which means People to People marketing.

You likely are doing most of your business online these days, or at least a good portion of it.

You may be marketing to “consumers” or you may be marketing to other businesses, but the fact is, there is always another person on the other end of any transaction that takes place online.

You’ve likely gotten used to dealing with faceless business entities online — as have your clients — but as a soul proprietor, I doubt seriously that you really want to be just another faceless business to your own clients and customers.

You truly are a P2P — People to People — marketer, and you may be wondering how you can have any kind of personal, authentic relationship with people that you are likely never to meet.

Well, it starts with the experience you give people when they come to your website.

Do your site visitors immediately recognize themselves as the very people you know how to help? Do they feel like you are speaking to them? (Do they recognize — immediately — that they’ve come to the right place?)

Or is your website all about you and how great you are and how smart you are and all about how you work? (In other words, are they confronted with YOU and not with THEMSELVES?)

Or is your website all about your site visitor — your ideal client — and the problems that they have and your empathy for them? (You can always tout your background and expertise on your About page.)

Are you offering something of value to them that will help them solve their problems so they know without a doubt they’ve finally found the person who can help them feel better? (Are you generous with your expertise or do you make them “pay” in one form or another for everything you offer?)

When you ask them to join your list are you offering something valuable, relevant and irresistible in exchange for their email address? (Like a value-packed ebook, special report, video, CD, or DVD?)

Are you holding back in your irresistible gift by being stingy with the good stuff for fear that no one will hire you if you reveal too much? (Or are you clear that the more of your best stuff that you share, the more eager people will be to buy your ultimate solution?)

Are you NOT emailing a value-filled, content-rich ezine each week because you’re afraid of adding to the clutter in your prospect’s inbox? (You ARE only adding to the clutter if what you send has no value and no relevance to your ideal clients’ problems.)

Are you depending entirely on email to get the word out about who you are and what you do? (People are not always online and not always paying attention — they are inbox-weary — so you have to explore other ways to reach them, like with a printed newsletter, postcards, public speaking, and networking.)

Is your presence on social media like Twitter and Facebook a waste of your own time as well as the time of the people you are trying to reach? (Are you joining a conversation or creating a conversation about them, or is everything always about you?)

You’re dealing with people. Real people. Real people who — as human nature goes — really are primarily concerned only about “what’s in it for them.” (So give them what they want.)

You’re dealing with real people with real problems. You can fix their problems. They need to know that, but they first need to know you, like you, and trust you before they’ll give you their money in exchange for your specialized knowledge and expertise.

And you earn that trust by never forgetting that real people want to deal with other real people. Treat them like the people they are. (It’s easy to forget that in this wired world.)

You will find that to be successful in business — regardless of what kind of business you are in and the kind of people you help — whether B2C or B2B — that you must actually be engaged in P2P marketing.

Treat your ideal clients like the people they are and they’ll be your clients for life.


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