In case the suggestions from my last post didn’t set the light bulb off with ideas to blog about, or weren’t your style, here are a couple more.

• Articles

Do you have content articles as pages on your website?

Use your blog as an opportunity to send readers to the main part of your site so they can read those articles.

Go ahead, be a teaser! Start the post off with a short overview of the article. Then add a link to the page on your site were they can read the rest of it.

You can also send readers to a page on your site to download reports and ebooks that you’ve published. Like I do on my site here: Marty’s Free Resources

• Personal Life Experiences

Your readers want to know that you are a real person with thoughts and experiences similar to theirs. Keep the topic simple and be sure that whatever you are writing about ties into the theme of your blog.

For example: If your blog is centered around computer products don’t talk about your new dog. Unless of course, the beloved pooch ate the software you just paid $500 for, or you have some other way to tie the dog to your story.

Go ahead, give it a try! You might just see a jump in your comments once you show your readers that you aren’t just a robotic, boring, business person, but are, in fact, a real live human being!

(Another easy way to do that is to put your photo on your site.)