Here’s something I want to address before I get into anything else: Building your blog will take patience and steady work.

I’ve seen far too many business people start a blog and a couple of weeks later, decide to scrap it because “it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Well, just like any other website you build, it takes time to build traffic and regular readers.

You have a learning curve to go through, too, especially if you’re new to the whole blogging concept. So please, promise me that you’re not a quitter and you’ll see this thing through.

(You’ll be glad you did!)

Today’s Blogging Tip…

You need to set up a user-friendly feed. A feed allows your regular readers to keep track of your new blog posts using any variety of blog reader options. Even email.

Just go to: and sign up for a free account.

Feedburner (which is now owned by Google by the way) will allow your users to sign up for your feed on a number of different readers and provides the most choice for your visitors.

By the way, if you’re already using Feed Burner, they now have a “standard feed icon” that will allow your users to choose any feed option. The problem is, there are so many readers and if you choose each graphic separately, it can clutter up your blog page.

Sure, it might look good on “geek” blogs, but most people don’t even know what all those options are. Instead, choose the “standard feed icon” with a little bit of text that says “Sign up for this feed” or something like that and you’ll be able to give your readers plenty of options, without making a mess of your blog.