Blog-ColorfulLightbulb-123RFA blog is truly an amazing tool to help you build your business, but one of the keys to blogging success is to make it look like you’re NOT building your business.

You can have a blog that lists just your specials and has all kinds of product pitches and it may help you business. But if you truly want to unleash the power of blogs, take a “Soul Proprietor” approach instead.

In the coming days, I’m going to be giving you tips that will help you:

Build a relationship with your readers that helps you establish your credibility and expertise. If your readers trust you, they’re going to also take your product recommendations and buy your services and programs.

Keep your readers coming back for more. Find out how to come up with new ideas without spending a lot of time posting to your blog each time.

So, take off your salesman’s hat as you post to your blog. Add some interesting tidbits of knowledge or something that will help your readers, instead of giving them a product pitch.

Start with the relationship and the sales will come. I promise!