You may recall that I spent a few days recently in Mexico, on what I called a “real” vacation. Which means that I didn’t work while I was away. I didn’t check email, didn’t even read a business book. (I did, however, read four trashy novels. Yum!)

So even though I wasn’t actively working, my brain was still in marketing high-gear because its just what I do. I notice marketing all around me and pay attention to how various businesses are getting the word out about what they offer.

Now, any of you who have spent any time in Mexico at all, know that there will be a continuous stream of people, vendores, approaching you to sell you something. From the tiniest child to the oldest adult. It is just the way they do things in Mexico.

They approach you, give you a short pitch, and you are either interested or not. If you’re not, they go on their way without hassling you. There’s always another hot prospect right behind you. And ten minutes later, they very likely will show up and pitch you again. (It’s fun to me, because it is part of the culture there. Many tourists just get annoyed.)

I know that many of you worry about sending too many marketing emails to your list for fear that people will unsubscribe.

But can you really send too many emails to your list?

The recent HubSpot TeleSeminar that I highlighted last week presented compelling data to support the notion that you should actually email your list MORE often, not less.

If you only mail to your list once a month, they aren’t likely to even remember who you are from month to month and will likely unsubscribe from your list. But if they are hearing from you once a week (or more) then they not only remember who you are, but will feel engaged with you, too.

And they are much less likely to unsubscribe from your list.

Of course, it goes without saying (I hope) that you must be sending worthwhile content that the recipient finds useful. And, yes, worthwhile content can also be strictly a promotional message.

So just like those Mexican vendores who ask you to buy again and again, you should also be asking your prospects and existing clients to buy again and again.

Your Action Assignment: Experiment. If you’ve only been emailing your list once in a while, say once a month, try emailing to them more often. Say, twice a month, or if you’re confident and capable, once a week. If you’ve been mailing just once a week, try sending an extra email in the same week every now and again.

Pay attention to what happens. Look at your stats. Notice unsubscribe rates. Keep track of the various data your email service provider provides such as click-through and open rates. Watch what happens over time, then make adjustments to your email marketing schedule accordingly.

Please comment: What is your experience related to how often you send out marketing emails (yes, this includes your ezine)? I’d love to know – and so would my readers – what you think about this topic.


Marty Marsh is a Soul Proprietor and a Guerrilla Email and Newsletter Marketing Specialist. He is the author of several ebooks about marketing a small business including “How to Get the Word Out About Who You Are and What You Do” – a marketing seminar in an ebook. Get it now. Learn from it. Put what you learn into action to grow your business. As a Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Marty helps entrepreneurs like you to implement low- and no-cost, high-impact marketing strategies that grow your business faster. Stay tuned and check your email on April 1st, 2011 when Marty will release his newest ebook, Marketing to the Inbox Weary: How to Reach Your Ideal Client Even When They Won’t Open Your Emails.