So, I hope you’re doing something fun this weekend. Last night we saw the movie, Hysteria. Very funny (I do have the mind of a 13 year old sometimes) but also a great example of people doing great things from a place of sheer passion. I’m talking about Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character, Charlotte. Go see this movie when you get the chance.

Speaking of movies reminds me that there are just a couple of events where I am almost always fully present and not distracted by the random thoughts that seem to charge through my brain.

One of those events is at the movies.
I am fully present at the movies. It is actually one of the ways that I relax after I’ve worked hard during the week. The other event is when I’m reading a good novel. Not a business book — although I read a slew of those — no, I’m talking about novels. Mysteries and thrillers. The trashier the better! Nothing seems to break through my consciousness when I’m engrossed in one of those.

I had a very busy and productive week.
I hope you have, too. I have been really enjoying connecting with those of you who have been scheduling appointments with me to chat about your business. It is my mission to help as many soul proprietors as I can to be successful in their business. Especially in these days of “hard times.” Don’t make it any harder than it has to be. Talk to me!

Mid-Month Review…

I didn’t send out a mid-month review reminder this past week because I didn’t want you to get too many emails from me, although in light of the research data I uncovered this past week I could have. There is some real science out there about what constitutes too much email and it might surprise you to know that the more email you send, the LESS unsubscribes you get.

I’m going to be talking more about the why’s and how’s of email marketing based on some scientific research this coming Wednesday, June 20, as the topic of my next teleclass in my DIY Marketing Month Series. I’ll also be talking about some email best practices that up your chances of getting your email marketing messages opened, read and acted upon. Join me. If you’re not yet registered, you’ll need to do that first: Register for Free Here

But back to the Mid-Month Review… Yowser! It is the middle of the year already! I’ve got so much yet to do to meet my goals but as I gain more and more clarity around the reinvention of my business, meeting those goals is getting easier and easier. I’m still working hard — the truth is, being in busy really is not easy — but when you have clarity and passion for what you’re doing, it just doesn’t SEEM as hard.

So take a look at the rest of this month to see what you need to do to meet your goals and then take a look out at the rest of the year, too. Don’t make yourself crazy about it, but you should be aware that once summer is over, you’ll want to kick your business back into high gear. Of course, if you really want to keep your profit momentum up, you’ll keep your marketing kicked up in high gear all summer long. That’s what I’m trying to do. So be thinking now about what you want to do come September, for sure.

Cleaning up my money mess…

The thing that has kept me pretty busy this week — in addition to everything else: working with clients and potential clients and keeping up with my own marketing — I’ve been working to clean up some of my money messes.

More like money leaks, really, which is what I call them. This is where I’ve signed up for various member sites or programs and so on, and like so much of the “shelf-help” stuff I’ve got sitting around, I’ve been paying for this stuff and not using it. So it’s all gone now.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself lately is that when it comes to money, I’m an avoider. I don’t like looking at it, I don’t like managing it, and I don’t like someone else telling me what I can or cannot do with it. But that is not a good way to run a business or my finances so I’ve really been working hard in this area. And for me, this IS hard work. Like you — yes, you, admit it — I love money, I just have never liked — or felt like I was good at — managing money.

But I’ll tell you what has made this easier for me and why I’ve been able to successfully tackle my money issues lately is because of some wonderful Emotion Code work I’ve been doing with my friend and colleague, Linda Storey. She has been working with me — over the phone — to break free of some of the emotional barriers I’ve built up over money.

I’ll bet that Linda could help you, too, not just about money issues, but just about any seemingly unresolvable issue you have in your life. If you’d like to get in touch with her, I’ll hook you two up. Send an email to me at and mention emotion code or Linda in your subject line. I would sure love to hear that Linda had helped you as much as she has helped me.

I am so joyful and at peace over money “stuff” right now and I’m just relishing the way I feel. I’ve also stopped calling myself an avoider and am, instead, thinking of myself as a great money manager.

Well, I better stop this writing for today and go finish getting ready for the arrival of Bill’s daughter — my daughter, too — who is coming over from LA to wish her dad a happy father’s day. I swear, it’s a good thing we have company once in a while or else I might never get this place spic and span.

Oh, just one more thing before I let you go… if you missed the Money Mountain teleclass this past Wednesday you gotta take an hour and listen to the recording. It’s available right now to people who have already registered for the teleclass series I’m doing, and if you haven’t registered, go do it now so you can listen to this. I think you’ll find great benefit in doing so. Register (if you haven’t already done so), then listen, then put what you learn into action.

Wishing you all the best for your success,
I send you some love and a hug from
Palm Springs, California,


P.S. If you want to post a comment or two about anything that’s on your mind or about what I’ve shared with you today, you can do that in the Comment area below.

P.P.S. I’m actually in the throes of cleaning up a lot of messes I’ve created for myself over the last few years and I’ll share more about all of that later on. And you know what’s really cool? In looking at my messes and working on cleaning them up, I’m finding not only more passion for my business, but I’m discovering what I’m really supposed to be doing. My desire is that I can help you figure all that out for yourself and your business, too. Stay tuned!