#7-Best Email Marketing Tips…

Email Red with Arrow GraphicConfirmed opt-in may reduce your opt-in rate, but ensures you have bona fide subscribers on your list.

Not everyone will confirm their subscription even if they had every intention of doing so. Hopefully, they’ll remember one day or return to your site.

And sure, that is lost potential because they could have been a qualified buyer.

The trade-off in losing a subscriber now and again because they don’t confirm is far out-weighed by the benefits derived from having a clean opt-in list.

Someone can accuse you of being a spammer later on but with a confirmed opt-in, that complaint will simply be dismissed.

By using confirmed opt-in you don’t get bogus or fake email addresses entered just to get your freebie, you won’t get trolling spiders signing up for your list just so they can spam you, you won’t have people signing up other people without their permission…

The list can go on and on, but the bottom line is: double opt-in is your best insurance against future spam complaints (and sadly, sooner or later, you’ll get a spam complaint) and the best insurance for optimal email delivery.

Most people these days are NOT internet-stupid. They understand the confirmed opt-in — also known as “double opt-in” — process and what it’s all about. Most Internet users today expect to confirm when they’re opting-in to a list. It’s pretty much second-nature to 21st Century surfers.