A Community Blog has multiple contributors. So if you find yourself really stuck with nothing to write about, your blog can go on because other people will be writing there as well.

The idea is to get together with a few other business owners that reach similar markets to yours and who, ideally, offer complementary services or products to yours. But this is also a great way to reach out and create relationships with people who are your competitors as well.

There are great benefits to creating a “community” blog:

• Traffic builds faster because all contributors are bringing traffic to the site.

• There’s no pressure to write all the time, but the more you write, of course, the more exposure you get.

• All writers are allowed to link back to their site as long as the blog entry itself is helpful and informative and meets the criteria established by the writers for the community.

I’ve always said that people we might see as our competitors can actually be our potential business partners. This is one great example of making that happen.

I’m creating my own community blog and newsletter for my Soul Proprietor Community and if you’d like to join me as a contributor, please let me know. Visit my contact page and let’s talk about it.