Have a great Weekend - Hand writing text on a piece of paper on Recently I was surprised to learn that we have 60 hours available to us every weekend. Yes, I said 60-Hours!!

I was surprised because I’ve just never done the math. But it’s true. From 6:00 pm Friday until 6:00 am Monday there are 60 hours available to enjoy the weekend.

Take away 24 hours of sleeping time and you’re still left with 36 hours to spend any way you wish. That’s almost a full work week for most people!

How would you like to spend your weekend?

Make a weekend plan

While I don’t believe that every minute necessarily has to be structured or planned, doing a little pre-weekend planning can be quite helpful in creating a more enjoyable couple of days.

Now, I’m not talking about getting more work done on the weekend. Quite the contrary. I’m talking about unplugging from your biz and doing the things you most enjoy.

A quick plan will make sure you don’t miss out on anything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned of something that I would have enjoyed doing or attending after it was already over.

Want to see a movie and have dinner out on Friday night? Plan for it.

Want to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning? Early enough for the goodies to still be fresh with the best choices? Plan for it.

Want to read a trashy novel on Saturday afternoon? Plan for it.

Want to get your hands dirty in your garden on Sunday morning? Plan for it.

Want to take the kids to the park on Sunday afternoon? Or go for a hike? Plan for it.

Notice I didn’t say anything about working? Hmm? Or watching TV? You may find you enjoy yourself and your family a whole lot more if you leave the TV turned off. Or just use it for streaming music, like we do most of the time in our household.

Run your errands during the week

Many business owners I know use the weekends to catch up on errands. But do you really want to be going to the grocery store or mowing the lawn, washing the car or shopping for clothes when you could be having a lot of fun with your family or just yourself?

You may want to try running your errands early in the morning or in the evenings during the week so you can have an uninterrupted fun weekend. (It really is okay for you to have some fun.)

Near my home is a $5.00 car wash with real people doing the job and they open at 5:00 am. (Why would I do it myself any day of the week at that price?) Our grocery stores here are all open 24-hours. Home Depot opens at 6:00 am. I bet it’s the same in your neighborhood, too. (You just have to be willing to get up and get going.)

You aren’t scheduling every minute, but having a general plan for what you want to do — even if that is taking a long nap in a hammock — will likely mean you’ll have a more enjoyable and richly satisfying couple of days off. And you won’t miss anything!

And, you’ll likely find that when you let your mind take a rest from active thinking about your business, you’ll have more ideas, or come up with creative solutions to whatever challenges you face, than all the days of the rest of the week combined.

I’ve long been an advocate for taking off at least one day each weekend to unplug and not work on your business. But I’m realizing more and more that having a whole weekend devoted just to fun and relaxation is even better.

Forbes has published a great article about What Successful People Do on the Weekends that I think you’ll enjoy. And get some great ideas from.

So, in the comments below, please share how you will spend your 36 hours of wake time this weekend.

As for me? I’m going to the beach with my grandson and celebrating our daughter’s birthday.