GO Green SignOnce you know exactly who your ideal client is, you’ll want to go where they go.

If they attend networking events, you want to go to those same events. If they belong to a club or group, then you want to join that group.

Whatever industry they are in or whatever their interests happen to be, then there’s likely a trade journal or a magazine being published for them.

Go to your library or go online and find out what publications your peeps are reading, then subscribe to those magazines or trade journals and READ them. Subscribe to the ezines and blogs that focus on your ideal clients. This way you can learn all about their industry or interests so you can speak their language when you talk with them.

This is not only a great way to open communication with these folks, but it is an excellent way to discover the problems they are facing; problems that you can solve for them.

So go where your prospective clients go and be ready to talk with them, in their language, and let them know you have the solution to their problems.