One of the things I enjoy doing the most to promote my business is to teach teleclasses or teleseminars. There really is no better way – short of actually meeting people face-to-face — to connect with those people you are trying to attract to you as clients.

They get to experience you and you get to experience them.

So if your business is at the size where you already have a responsive email list and customer base, teleseminars can be a great way to bring in new customers and get more sales from your existing customers.

Using Teleseminars to Bring in New Customers

A teleseminar can be a great “hook” to get new people into your marketing funnel.

Publish that you are doing your free teleseminar on your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, your email list and any other way you can. Sending a newsletter and a postcard through the postal service is a good way to reach folks who might not always be paying attention online.

Folks who may not necessarily be ready to buy a product or your service from you may like you enough, however, to sign up to attend a teleseminar with you.

Once you get them on the teleseminar, you’ll have a much better chance of making an impression, building a connection and turning them into real prospects, and often, turning them into paying clients right on the call.

Use a Teleseminar to Create Reciprocity

The principle of reciprocity essentially states that “When someone does something good for you, you want to do something good for them.”

This is the reason why many donation-seeking canvassers will give you a free gift before asking you for money: giving something to someone causes them to want to give back.

In a teleseminar, you give people something extremely valuable for free: great information.

Even if someone listening to you doesn’t buy on the spot, they’ll likely reciprocate by giving you something else that’s valuable. Usually, that’s their attention — in giving you their email address, opening your emails etc.

Use a Teleseminar to Generate Sales

Using teleseminars to generate sales can be quite challenging to master, but once you have the skill down, it can be an incredibly powerful sales tool.

A teleseminar allows you to give a full-length sales presentation to a captive audience. As long as you deliver extreme value alongside your sales pitch, you stand a very good chance of both building connection with your market and making a number of sales.

Selling on teleseminars involves taking all your listeners through the whole emotional sales process: interest, the feeling of the problem, desire for the solution, proving that you can deliver the solution, and then really painting the picture of them having the problem solved.

Use Teleseminars to Sell High-Ticket Items

Finally, teleseminars can be one of the most effective ways of selling high-ticket items or programs.

It’s very hard to convince someone to part with $10,000 over email, in a sales letter or even on video. However, if they get the chance to interact with you in a teleseminar, they’ll get much more of a sense of who you are and whether they can trust you.

By using teleseminars, you can build trust with high network individuals to sell high-ticket items that you just wouldn’t be able to sell any other way.

To sum it up, teleseminars are a great way to build your business for many reasons. It can be a great hook to get people in the door, it can be used to build trust with existing fans, and it can be used to sell all kinds of products and services.