Great news for everyone worried about sending too many emails; recent studies have shown that the more frequently you email to your list, the fewer unsubscribes you get. I wouldn’t recommend emailing your list every day unless you know for certain that your list expects that and welcomes it, but emailing two or more times a week is certainly acceptable.

Image of an email stampIf you’ve only been emailing to your list once a month, or — horrors — once a year, try emailing them more often. Try every other week, and then add in more emailing opportunities. I believe that you should email your list at least once a week just to keep your name top-of-mind.

Now I’m not talking about emailing just for the sake of emailing and I’m not even suggesting that you have to create some kind of full-blown ezine every week. What I am suggesting is that you send some kind of valuable information that will help further your relationship with your subscribers at least once a week. It can be as simple as a quick tip that can be read in just a minute or so.

So long as you are always sending something valuable, your list will be glad to hear from you.

And if someone DOES unsubscribe from your list? Don’t worry about it. If they took themselves off your list they probably weren’t your ideal prospective client anyway.

Never lose sight of the fact that the reason you are using email to market your business is to make sales. Sure, you need to educate your list, but out of that education must come sales.  (In case you forgot, that’s what’s supposed to happen when you’re in business.)

How about you? Any thoughts on the frequency of emailing? Share your thoughts below.