Summer is right around the corner and that can be a loaded word for the self-employed.

For those of us who call ourselves “self bossers,” summer can be a scary few months.

Everything seems to get a little out of whack in the summer.
Children are home from school. Vacation plans are pending and customers and clients begin to alter their schedules, too. It’s often a time of change and uncertainty.

So with the official start of summer about a month away, now is the time to take steps to prepare your business for the summer months…

Step #1 Take a Look at Your History

What happened last summer? Did sales go up? Did profits decline? Did you have trouble relying on contractors? Did you have way too much free time on your hands? History often repeats itself. If you can document what occurred last year by looking at the data and your analytics, then you may be able to use that information to plan ahead.

For example, a copywriter may find that their business increases during the spring months and then declines during the middle months of summer. Knowing this information, a copywriter can then plan ahead. They might launch a special offer during the slow months, or use that downtime to create an information product to sell, or take a vacation of their own.

Business typically tends to slow down in the summer, which is why I always advise my clients to kick up their marketing during the summer months to keep the cash flowing – especially flowing into the fall. So plan some exclusive marketing events for throughout the summer. Maybe you could teach your workshop in Hawaii.

Step #2 Schedule Ahead and Automate

If you’re busy during the summer months – or if you’re planning to be away — then scheduling ahead is extremely important. And there are many things you can do right now so your summer is relaxed and easy.

For example, you can write your blog posts now and schedule them for the summer. You can do the same for your email marketing messages. In fact, you can plan a product launch and automate all of the processes so that the product launches automatically several months from now.

Step #3 Get Help

You can also simply schedule downtime. Many soul proprietors simply take a hiatus or time away from their businesses. If you’re a blogger or service provider, this is certainly an option. Just let your readers know why you are disappearing for awhile.

A better option may be to ask a guest blogger to step in and help while you’re away. But, just be aware that you run the risk of losing clients and readers if you’re gone too long.

Have your guest keep it light-hearted in keeping with the carefree days of summer. For example, while you’re away on vacation, they can blog about how you’re out swimming with the dolphins and they’re left with keeping the blog going.

A friend of mine just underwent some extensive oral surgery and her friend and coach pitched in to write a couple of fun blog posts while she was in recovery. She even shared a couple of mac and cheese recipes because her friend needed soft food after the surgery. She turned it into a family contest to see which recipe they liked the best.

Virtual assistants, interns and partnerships can all help you take time away during the summer. And if you are lucky enough to have more work than you can handle during the summer, then additional help can make your bigger workload easier to manage.

Summer will be here before you know it. Taking steps now will help you enjoy the warmer months while still growing and managing your business. It’s smart business and it’ll save you future stress and anxiety; you certainly don’t want to be on the beach in Miami stressing about your business or your blog.